Happy New Year, even if you’re working through it!

Tonight, 00.00am. The world and its’ horse will celebrate the coming of a new year in numerous ways. Families will congregate and reunite, in family houses, pubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels, foreign countries and around national monuments. All manner of inanimate places will witness shocking and heart warming revelries, joining of hands, warm heartfelt words, words that are empty, words that are full of promise, harsh words, words that reek of regret, words that proclaim love for someone they don’t actually know. All for the sake of letting in a new year that will probably bring the same old problems and headaches that the previous year spewed up in copious amounts.

Don’t get me wrong! The new year will offer genuine hope and relief for countless people all over the world for different reasons. A few people will say goodbye to a 2014 that drained them mentally, emotionally and financially. A few people will realize their dreams and finally fulfil their potential. There will be countless people who will be lucky enough to share a new year with happy news of new jobs, coming births and maybe even lottery wins.

But, on the domestic front, the people who have to work through the festivities are often forgotten, put conveniently to the back of the mind for another year.

There are partners, husbands, wives, children, grandparents and carers, to name but a few, who stare into darkness at the striking of midnight, silently wishing their loved ones, who are working, a very happy new year!

Unfortunately, I am one of those lucky people who will be working through 00.00 and well into the wee small hours. I am one of thousands who will suffer the fate of missing out yet again on seeing the new year in with the people I love the most.

So, for those who I will miss again this new years’ eve, especially my long suffering wife, I would like to wish you all a very merry and drunken New Year’s eve, and know that I am putting my arms around you, dancing with you, kissing you and watching the sunrise with you.

It won’t always be this way, just this last time and every year will be a very Happy New Year.

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