In the great scheme of things, does it really matter who wins the election?

So, what does this years General election mean to the people of Great Britain? We are led to believe that there are 4 political parties who are all genuine contenders to win the honour of ‘leading’ our great nation and embellish the British public their infinite wisdom!.

There are of course the usual runners in the field of politics, the Conservatives, the Liberals and the Labour Party, all of whom have failed miserably with their self serving agendas time and time and time again! Throughout recent history, actually, throughout history, their political agendas have woefully let our isles down during their individual, yet similar terms of office.

In fact, one term of office, no matter which party is in power, merges seamlessly into the next term of office, the same mistakes are made, promises are broken, the people suffer.

Our great NHS continues to suffer, through under staffing and insufferable waiting times, which, by the way, is no fault of the ‘heroes’ who work in the hospitals and doctors surgeries, we are all to some extent, clinically depressed. We are all patients at some time in our lives, even those who work in and for the NHS, and our collective patience continues to be stretched to breaking point. The thing is, the nurse, the life blood of the caring profession, are worth their weight in gold. However, the people who make the decisions of how much the nursing profession deserved to get paid are themselves paid individual yearly salaries that would easily employ at least 10 nurses a year. I do not believe I am wrong when I say there is definitely something wrong with the system!

What of unemployment? What of the figures we are drip fed time and again! Continually outsourcing work to different countries helps the economy of other countries. Good for them, but what about our economy? The more work that goes abroad, the less work that is created over here! What the hell is going on? The way the government calculates the unemployment figures needs to be seriously looked at and overhauled. What the government don’t take into consideration when they come up with their fabricated figures are the amount of people who do not get any sort of benefit because they are deemed to ‘well off’ to qualify for help. I for one have personal experience of this, at times, ridiculous policy. Our family went over the governmental financial ‘threshold’ several years ago by £5 per month, which by my expert mathematical equations, works out at £1.25 per week. Because of their judgement we had to live on a meagre amount of money for several months whilst trying to find money to pay rent, council tax and other bills. The point is, I was not part of their unemployment statistics because I did not qualify for unemployment benefits. How many people were exactly like me? How many people are going through the same hell now? I would guess ‘conservatively’ the number will be in the tens of thousands. The conveniently forgotten people of Britain.

But what of the 4th party in the running? UKIP. What do they offer the people of the UK that the other parties do not? Last year, the other 3 aforementioned parties all relinquished seats to UKIP in the local elections, suggesting the British voting public are sick and tired of voting for the other 3 parties because they never live up to their promises. However, ‘Independent’ is a word that inevitably conjures visions of isolation, of making decisions that will ultimately benefit the ‘self’. Is this good news or bad news for the people of Britain? Controlling the borders of the UK is a policy that causes them to stand out from the other parties because this is probably a policy that will cause the most controversy.

UKIP claim they want to build “Harmonious relationships” with the rest of the world! But how can we do that as a collective nation by controlling/patrolling the borders and stating who can and who can’t come into our country? Maybe it is this contradictory policy that indicates they will ultimately offer the people of Great Britain the same state of confusion that the other parties have offered the public since the beginning of political rule.

I don’t know about you, but the first 3 parties have exasperated me for many years and sadly, I have the same empty feeling about UKIP. Call it intuition, call it suspicion, call it overly cautious, but I have grave doubts that UKIP will be any different from the other self serving parties that have ruled the UK for centuries. So, does it really matter who gets into office, because we, as a people, will probably face the same uncertainties, the same broken promises and suffer as we always do!

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