Everything is good now!

Can’t understand this loneliness,

I have an emptiness deep in

The recesses of my being!

I can hear the blood seethe

Through this inanimate carcass.

This forlorn world has had the desired effect!

I am as desolate as my

Personal existence is poignant.

Pretty, pretty world, how dare you?

You endeavour to deceive an existence

That is absent from itself.

I swear, I swear in the time still

To unfold to disappear forever!

Heart-breaking? Only for the ones

Left behind, but they will breath again,

Alert to what lay beyond, the

Symphony of their work is

Yet to materialize, only an

Innocuous piece of music has departed.

A life worth living is a tour of genius,

A stunning success awaiting its dawn,

Their minds are superlative in the nature

Of the courage they express.

How wonderful they will be

When the loneliness leaves them,

Their best will prove to be unsurpassed,

Emptiness will not defy the triumph of its face,

Features will be wrinkle free, their joy

Will ascend into high spirits

To where I wait, forlorn for leaving,

But overwhelmed to see them

Rise above the empty skies

That was once a regretful memory.

I can see them now!

Running, laughing, playing, Holding each other,

Remembering when things were good.

As it was always meant to be.

Good, as it should be.

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