Clearly, at the precise moment you came into view,

We connected, my innate sense of awe intuitively

Breathed again, sprang to life, at last,

I became you,

You became me.


Before focusing, tiny, delicate hands

Came to rest on burning cheeks,

You could see me,

You knew I was

Besotted. In a world

Full of unimportant people,

Hushed, chuckling, you knew,


When you were happy,

I knew, lovingly

By closing my eyes, sensing you,

Your security, your contentment

Was the key to my pleasure. You possess

A restoring quality, you heal the wounds of my life,


As you grew, so

My pride in you became swollen,

Became even more precious, electrified.

Not just to all around,

But to the importance of two.

Never ever considered

I could feel love

That could come close

To what I had felt already,

Four times over, five,


Yet, I suspend belief

At his contentment,

I overflow with wonder, with pride,

When he runs to me, and smiles,

Smiles, beams and calls out

A million times, Grandad…


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