Hanging by a thread

Like a sweet child,

Haunting the church steps,

Softly, painfully, losing reason.

It’s hard to read words

That hang in the air,

One step at a time,

This journey, losing reason.

How intense the loss

When everything is already lost,

The steps stretch in front,

Like a noose around my neck.

How lonely a child,

A sweet child,

No more reason to hang on every word,

No more reason to hang by the church steps.

In my mind, in my dreams

I’m a millionaire,

I’m a king, a Prince,

Not a lonely child, trapped between church steps,

Like a beggar

Waiting for the noose

To kindly fall,

At this innocent child’s feet.

Believing in a dream

Is all a child can hang onto.

How rich can life become

Without believing

In a dream? A dream that relies

On church steps

Becoming reality,

Believing in reality,

Not a child’s dream.

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