Don’t judge if your guilty!

Best conscience, philosophy that relies on

Judgments made by non-consequential others,

Those on the peripheral, without substance,

Without the privilege to judge.

They must remember themselves,

Before they evoke the power of

Omnipotent insight.


Are so heavy when they rebound

To seek retribution.

Absolute attentiveness to detail

Must be the purpose, what else is there to strive for?

Reason in the majority must be

The rationale! Or must it?

Would that result in a dishonest decision?

For who, you or I? Them or us?

Must conscience have a reason?

For a long estimation of life,

I presume it must play its part.

Yet, who are we to judge?

Are we so entangled in our divine

Right to moderate what we feel is right?

Perhaps the detention of conscience allows

Us to reconcile the differences we

Have with ourselves. Intervention

Must by no means be left entirely to others,

But indicate an inner change.

Embodied in the fact that

Conscience is no longer a matter

Activated by potential views held

By others, the conscience merely

Indicates there is a potential to harm,

Or hurt, or do wrong.

Remove the act that causes the

Conscience to activate,

And we become free, and so,

Without equal, authentic, at last

Important to life, because we live.

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