Is This A Dream part 2

Ok , last night I worked a night shift on new years eve, something that I have done for the last 3 years and it just kills me! The powers that be dictated that it was to be a full 8 hour shift, something that we all hoped wouldn’t happen on that night of all nights  but hey, we knew it would. It was if I am honest, an interesting start to the night. A middle aged woman from Lithuania began a heated discussion with a middle aged man from Pakistan. She said to me, in front of him, just loud enough so he could hear that he never acknowledged her when she said “Hello” to him. He said, with a wobble of his head that she should go to the medical centre to get her ears cleaned out. They proceeded to speak over each other simultaneously, becoming louder and louder, without either one understanding what the other one was saying. This went on for about 5 minutes until the Pakistani man put his hand on her shoulder and said in perfect English “Happy New Year”. She responded by wishing him the same with a smile on her face. This surreal episode repeated itself several times throughout the night between different nationalities until around 4am, the usual time when everyone tends to run out of steam and conversation. On a personal note, I had a rather amusing conversation with a Polish guy and a man from Uganda around 4.15am. Peter the Pole was coming up with amusing ways to market the penis of Ronald the  Ugandan guy. Just one of the ways he suggested was to get Ronald on YouTube to demonstrate a brand new workout aptly named Penis Pilate’s. Myself and Peter worked our way through numerous ways of promoting Penis Pilate’s, one of which was to manufacture a ” Dick Truck” to carry Ronald’s penis on his promotional tour of the UK. Despite the comical conversation and situation I found myself in we did actually work, eventually finishing work at 5.30 on New Year’s Day morning. The factory itself is a hive of information for an inquisitive mind and actually inspires me as a part time freelance writer. This new year I hope to realise my dream to become a full time writer and although I am working in a job I don’t want to do, I am soaking up as much information as possible because the experience will hopefully feed my hunger for information and inspire my imagination. Until I report back on my progress, that’s all for now. Oh, P.S. Happy New Year !

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