Is destiny something that will eventually happen, no matter what we do or want, or can we influence the path our life takes by the choices we make? Predetermined or inevitable ? Everyone will have their own opinion, their own take on life, but it’s important to remember that a person’s opinion is powerfully influenced by events that have happened in their past. My opinion is, you can’t alter or influence the path your life takes, I believe whatever happens in life is preordained so for a Westerner I’m pretty Eastern. On the Spiritual research Foundation’s website it states that 35% of life events happen because of wilful action and 65% happens because we have no control of life situations. Some psychologists believe destiny is the manifestation of the will to live. I guess they mean making the choice to live on the edge of reason, knowingly putting the dangerous element into life so whatever path your life takes you’ve effectively predetermined your own path. In a way, and with respect, I don’t agree. Inexplicable events occur all the time, in every walk of life, no matter where you live, how you live and whatever your cultural background. Events and unplanned life changing incidents happen in the blink of an eye, without warning they creep up on you and quietly take over your life. Some say this is merely a natural fact of life, while others say life events occur simply because you put yourself in a place where you believe or understand that certain events could and often do happen. A number of years ago I was involved in a very bad car accident, it was so bad I should have died, but I inexplicably walked away from the wreckage with just a bump on my head. Was I just very lucky or did destiny have a hand in my undeserved survival? Nobody else was involved, it was past 2 in the morning, the road was wet and deserted, it was just me in the car and the front room wall of a house that insisted I come to an abrupt stop, but not a total end. I destroyed the side of the house, but my building blocks remained in tact. Why? I obviously didn’t want, expect or intend to be there for that to happen, but in a split second I was. I should be writing this from the great typewriter in the sky, but here I am, writing on my smart phone with my great beast of a dog snoring in the background, shaking the walls. Anyway, since that accident my life has twisted and turned, at times like an out of control helter skelter ride. The point is I sincerely believe that what has happened throughout my life after that terrible event was meant to happen, preordained, fate, destiny or whatever you want to call it. I will come back soon to carry on this account, that is if destiny allows.

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