Destiny allows part 2

Hey, remember me, the car crash victim, and yes, that is a euphemism. Anyway, where was I, ah yes, destiny. The world is such a strange, beautiful, cruel and unpredictable place it’s difficult to know where to begin, I guess the most obvious place for many people would be the beginning, but I’ll start after the car crash (Not a euphemism) As you will already know if you have read my previous post, I strongly believe in destiny or fate, or whatever you want to call it. When I say “everything happens for a reason” Its important for me to clarify what I mean. On the very extreme side of this old, famous saying,  I do not, have never and will never believe that acts of violence which claim the life’s of innocent men, women and especially children ever happen for a reason and could ever come under the label of destiny. I do not want to get into and start ranting about this terrible, avoidable crime of life, so I’ll end it there. I believe that throughout life’s journey most things do happen for a reason, even if at the time they happen many people would struggle to recognise or accept this belief. As an example I recall sitting in the accident and emergency department, mentally going over what had just happened to me and coming to the realisation that I was fortunate to be sat down in the accident and emergency department in this very busy but lonely hospital. I didn’t really appreciate just how lucky I had been until 2 days later when I watched someone I didn’t recognise walk up my garden path and gently tap on my front door. I opened the door to meet a middle aged woman who carried about her person a faint aroma of stale alcohol. She asked me how I was, an unexpected question that brought me to my senses. I had met this woman briefly in the house I had partly demolished. It was the sound of her voice that ricochetted around the shell of my skull that enabled me to put two and two together. During our brief, awkward, polite and strangely friendly conversation I learnt a lesson about destiny. I discovered that she worked the night shifts as a nurse (I understood the whiff of alcohol now) On the night of the accident (I sound like a policeman) this lady should have been working her night shift, but on that occasion she was tucked up in bed with her husband. This is where the scary aspect of fate comes into play. It just so happened that she had taken the night off work through illness and her illness altered the course of my life. She told me that when she worked her night shift her dog wouldn’t settle down for her husband unless he slept downstairs in the living room with the dog. He would settle down on the settee with the dog asleep on the floor beneath him. His temporary bed was situated directly against the wall that I had destroyed with my car. The full gravity of “What might have been” hit me in the face as I watched her walk away from the house. I escaped having blood on my hands by pure chance, or luck, or fate. I didn’t fully realise it at the time but looking back, the life path of several people were subject to the hand of destiny that night, but I’ll leave that for another time.

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