You stop time with your way,

Sultry eyes that glance across a thousand miles.

They hold me, touch me.

Despite the cruel distance, 

I can hear my heartbeat,

I can sense yours.

Butterflies dance through me,

They run around inside of me,

When we look, and smile, and speak, I know.

More and more we stand together,

Time draws us closer,

I want, I need to be closer still.

I want to touch your lips

to momentarily stop your words,

Then move back

And watch you speak again,

But this time breathlessly,

Hoping, wishing that you’re stunned

By what you feel,

By the tenderness of my lips.

I want to hold you,

Entwine fingers,

Gently squeeze, just enough

To feel the strength I have,

For the both of us,

If you need me!

I want you so much

It sometimes hurts to breath,

Holding back words that ache

To escape me and touch you.

You mean so much

That I will go through the hell

Of never having the courage

To tell you that you suspend time,

With your smile, your eyes, your way.

A lifetime of sadness

Is worth one moment with you,

Because one moment

Would mean eternity.

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