Destiny part 4

So, just to summarise destiny’s journey so far, fate or pure luck had prevented my life from ending in the car on that fateful night and a few weeks later I had just spoken to the ‘Girl next-door’. Now, in my parents’ house where I grew up, my mother was always around doing the things that mother’s do. My father, on the other hand, was very rarely around. He was I suppose, the quintessential Irish immigrant, very often in a state of drunkenness, and very often travelling back to Ireland and God knows where else his wandering feet took him. The point is he just so happened to be gracing his family with his presence on that particular day when I walked through the door, looking like one of Cliff Richards Shadows. Now, quite often, if he happened to be home when the post arrived, we never saw the letters that were addressed to us, I’m not sure why, I think he just threw them away. Maybe he didn’t want anyone in the house to see a letter that would reveal who he was, I will never really know but anyway, he disposed of many letters before we had the chance to see them or even know we’d received one. So, Very oddly, as I walked through to the kitchen he handed me a piece of folded paper with my name hand written on it. It was a few romantic lines from the ‘Girl next-door’ asking me if I would like to start seeing her, as in boyfriend material. I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this. For some reason that I’ll never know, on that occasion he decided not to randomly throw away a letter, it was probably because it was just a piece of folded paper with my name on it and not officially royal mail delivered. Anyway, later that evening, I went out of the back door on my way to the ‘Prospectives’ door when I was stopped in my tracks by a little pair of piercing blue eyes looking at me from her garden. The little girls name was Emma, affectionately called ‘Pud’ and she was my prospective girlfriends 2 year old little girl. I asked her if mummy was in and she nodded. So, I walked through the gate and knocked on the open door, and waited.

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