Destiny 13: Trip To Turkey

A couple of months before I had the aforementioned operation on my spine, we, that is the family which comprises of me, the wife, the two girls Emma and Becky and the two boys Nick and Matt took a much needed family holiday to Marmaris in Turkey for two weeks. When the aeroplane touched down in Bodrum the heat encased me in a fine sheet of perspiration, despite it being about 2 in the morning. The transfer took around an hour and we finally reached the apartments where we were stopping for the holidays. The harsh, Turkish tones that assaulted our ears upon our arrival were definitely the last thing we needed to hear after an exhausting journey but a small guy with hardly any teeth led the way to our rooms. We settled in without unpacking. Myself, Angie and Becky shared one room, Nick, Matt and Emma had the other room. During that first night there was a tremendous thunder storm that constantly woke me up. Around 5 or 6am everything was silent except for one noise, an absolutely beautiful sound of what I perceived to be singing that resonated around the area where we were staying. It was actually the sound of prayers coming from a mosque which was situated about a quarter of a mile from our apartments. To this day I have never or am ever likely to hear such a haunting, angelic and beautiful sound as I heard on that morning. The next sound I heard was a gentle splashing as Becky got out of bed and went to the bathroom. ‘SPLASHING’!! I propped myself up on one arm and saw about 2 inches of water on the apartment floor. My wife sat up and said, as only she can “f*”+ng hell, were flooded”. Our apartments were on the top floor and bye the way, there were only about 4 or 5 floors to the complex and the rain had been so torrential that the whole of the top floor had ‘Collected’ the rainfall. In a short space of time we had been moved to another 2 apartments on a lower floor, but incredibly, the person who came to see the evidence actually asked us why we hadn’t told them sooner, as if by some miracle, that would have made the rain stop or have made any difference to the apartments flooding ! Anyway, the new apartments were actually better than the original ones, so the storm had actually done us a favour. During the first couple of days we really didn’t like being there. The children thought it was fantastic being in a foreign country, but myself and Angie were regretting coming to this country that harboured people who appeared to be aggressive in the way they spoke and the way they went about their everyday lives. How wrong we were! Incredibly, we met up with two of our friends who actually lived a 5 minute drive from our house in England. They, Penny and Mick, had been to Marmaris several times and ‘Showed’ us the ropes. We all spent about 3 or 4 days together which helped my wife to relax and come to like, no, love that corner of the world. During our time together we went to a traditional Turkish wedding, which was a spectacle to see in itself. Everyone, and I mean everyone who was present at the wedding pinned money to the bride’s dress, at the end of which, her dress resembled Joseph’s coat of many Turkish notes. The food that was put out during the wedding looked absolutely delicious, unfortunately we didn’t get to try much of it because a table across from ours, which was full to the rafters with German tourists, very nearly consumed the entire buffet. They were very loud and boisterous, which added to the joyous occasion but unfortunately they didn’t appear to have the ability to keep their mouths closed while they ate our share of the buffet. Now, please don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely love to mix and talk to other nationalities, but their behaviour didn’t do a great deal for the reputation of the ‘Sun lounger’ hogging German people. Anyhow, I found it very amusing and it merely added to my personal holiday experience. Those few days with Penny and Mick went by very quickly and soon, we were left to our own devices for the remainder of the holiday.
As it turned out, the second week was even better than the first, a second week that I will recount in the not to distant future. Until then, Au revoir

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