Destiny 14: Turkey Continued

As I mentioned in the last post, the second week in Marmaris was even better than the first. We ate out every night in different restaurants, sampling the delightful food on offer, especially the freshly made bread for starters, which rose up before us like the millennium dome and was a light as a feather, coming with delicious dips. However, nearly every lunch time we parked our backsides on the beach directly in front of a beach bar/diner called ‘Salt and Pepper ‘. The two local guys who ran it really couldn’t do enough for the tourists, who lapped up their seemingly undivided attention with a very relaxed enthusiasm. From a personal point of view it was almost like winning the lottery to have a couple of pleasant guys bringing me ice cold beer to  wherever I was stretched out under the baking sun. On at least one occasion I remember going to their bar late at night and sharing a beer with them when they had the chance to relax.
On one particular morning we decided to  leave the beach to its own devices and strolled down the quay side towards the fishing boats and yachts. After much deliberation about taking a boat trip a man disembarked from a rickety old boat and tried to sell his boat trip to us and to other people who were walking by his vessel. We had heard the other prices that the other ‘Salty Sea-dogs’ were charging and this old guy who was standing before us was literally charging half the price of everyone else. He looked, as weather hardened sailors tend to do, weary yet ready for anything that life could throw at him. To cut a long story short, this ‘Sea Captain ‘ whose name by the way was Lucky, charged the equivalent of £5 per person. So it cost us £30 all in, and when I say all in, I mean it. The trip took us out into the deep emerald sea, anchoring close enough to deserted, idyllic islands, giving us the option to swim ashore if we so wished, and we did wish. It was truly beautiful and to top it off, cold bottles of beer and a delicious chicken salad were included in the price. That trip will remain one of my fondest memories of all the holidays we went on when the children were young.
We went on another boat trip which was far more commercialised, aboard a large yacht called ‘ The Orca, it was great in its own way but it didn’t come close to our previous trip on the rickety little boat with ‘Lucky’. What the Orca did give us was the chance for our youngest son Matt to show off his swimming prowess. The yacht anchored off a large jagged rock in the middle of the sea and a large number of people took the opportunity to swim out to the rock, climb half way up it and dive back into the sea. It was a good quarter mile out but Matt swam to it like a dolphin, climbed up, dove back into the sea and swam back to us. I’ve never told him this but I was on edge, worried he wouldn’t be strong enough to make the distance, but make it he did and with lots more energy in his fuel tank. My other son, Nick, unbeknown to us, had a liking for tattoos, I think mainly because he was influenced by the tattoos that adorned his grandfather’s arms. Anyhow, Nick was at the legal age of 16, so one morning he went off on his own to a tattooist he had singled out and came back about an hour and a half later with a tattoo of his choice. It was good, it still is good but I’m still not entirely sure what it is! Anyhow, he went to the tattoo shop a young man and came back to us, well, still a young man, but with a tattoo, but he looked very pleased with himself, so I was pleased for him. Enough said. As for Emma and Becky, they were in their element building up the golden tan and innocently showing the local boys at every opportunity. But I’d just like to say that I kept a very close eye on all four of the children, especially the girls when we were out and about.
A couple of nights before we left for England, we went on a night out with 2 ladies who came from Liverpool, another woman who came from Glasgow and a young man who worked in and around the apartments we were stopping at. His name escapes me but he was a lovely young chap who we took a shine too. We had a great, fun filled night, ending up in a bar that had everyone dancing. In fact the guys behind the bar pulled, and I mean pulled me up onto the bar, where I danced along with them until it was time to go home. The holiday was fantastic, and I often think about how much I would have missed out on if I hadn’t survived that car crash all those years ago !

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