An Answer to the Brexit doubters.

What follows is entirely my view, I suppose it is slightly biased but then again, the majority of people are slightly biased anyway. Much has been said about the historical referendum that took place on June 23rd, 2017, the date when the majority of Britain people voted to leave the E.U. I remember watching it unfold on the television. I was at work at the time, and watched it sporadically during breaks on the night shift.

For days and weeks after the event, countless people I know commented on the decision to leave the E.U. Most were happy about the outcome of the vote, some were not, but it seemed as if the vast majority were.

Fast forward to March 29th, 2017, the date when Article 50 was triggered to officially say we were definitely leaving the E.U. Some of those people who had initially stood by the vote to leave had changed their opinions, and some of them decided to post their ‘Doom merchant’ opinions on social media about the disaster that awaits Great Britain after triggering Article 50.

I understand people are afraid of change, I guess it’s only natural, but change often brings about success, even when we don’t see it at the time. The problem with many people who live on this once great Island of ours is that they often dream up a problem when there isn’t one. What made this Island great was the backbone than once ran true and straight from the top all the way down to the bottom. The United Kingdom used to be the most powerful, influential and greatest nation on the planet. There was a time when we stood together, against oppressive influence outside of our Island. We stood together for what was right, despite fighting against the odds. We made decisions and passed laws for moral reasons, not reasons that would make us richer at the expense of those less fortunate. We cared and fought for those who didn’t have the strength to fight for themselves. We never backed down or bragged about what we could do, we just did it and let the results speak for us. We advanced without changing our stance, and never retreated because the circumstances didn’t suit us. We explored the world and as a result gave a voice to those who had never previously been given the opportunity to speak. We had the world’s greatest, most powerful economy, which was galvanised by the world’s hardest working people.  We led the world in technological advance and engineering, and were inspired by intelligence, whilst never making others feel inferior.

We identified ourselves with the people we voted for in elections and trusted that in those who were voted in would make the right decisions for the United Kingdom based on what was right for the majority whilst not ignoring the minority. We didn’t scare easily as a collective people because we knew we had the mental strength and physical capacity to take on the world.

In my opinion, the first step to solving any problem is to actually recognise that there is a problem. In voting out of the E.U. we recognised that problem and took appropriate action as a democracy. We are finally doing something that will make a difference to the way we live, the way we exist. In our favour, the storm is coming and it will happen before the calm of finally becoming independent. We will eventually thrive, then maybe we can take pride in calling our little Island ‘Great’ again. The courage of our convictions will lead to change, a change that will benefit everyone.

2 thoughts on “An Answer to the Brexit doubters.

  1. Well said. You didn’t mention the opinions that thought that those of us who voted to leave had lost our minds or didn’t understand what we were voting for. The outrage that followed and how somehow we should have another referendum until the ‘remainers’ got the result they wanted. Maybe this should happen every time there is any vote…for example, maybe we should redo the general election after the votes are counted if it doesn’t give the desired vote! Why is it that suddenly the great British public don’t know and understand anything anymore? It’s called democracy and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    I personally think the sooner we are out, the better for Britain.

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