Words , words, empty words

Regarding the problems countless people the world over face every hour of every day, all we ever hear from these great and wise world leaders is words, more words, all empty. There have always been terrorists, there have always been murderers, there have always been rapists, but why!! World leaders talk and talk about putting things right, they talk about taking steps to ensure atrocities don’t happen again, but at the end of the day, even though their intentions are admirable their words are empty. 

Words and intentions don’t last long unless they amount to something, and so far their words have not amounted to anything that will stop the pain and the suffering of innocent people. Words don’t bring murdered people back, they don’t protect the innocent, they don’t allow people to walk the streets in safety, they don’t give dead children  back to their grieving parents. We’re all tired of words and talk that amount to nothing. Why can’t we all live in peace, all have an equal chance to live into old age, why can’t we? I guess you’d get some so called experts, anthropologists, psychologists etc who would say it’s human nature to kill and be killed. Survival of the fittest , how about the survival of those who need help to survive? How about the survival of those who don’t deserve to die? Maybe back during the stone age era, but surely not in today’s day and age!! I thought as a species we were meant to evolve not devolve. 

I tell you what, although we have a right to expect the words of these world leaders to make a sustained and real difference to the world we live in, we may as well wait for the rivers to flow backwards. Very little in this world gets noticeably better, but many things become markedly worse, and the sad reality is they just continue to get worse. 

God help our future generations if the present and past are anything to go by. 

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