Coastal Adventure 16

It’s been a while, sorry about that. So where was I, ahhh yes, myself and Stuart leaving Melvin and Paul to watch our overnight bags whilst we walked around the town to try and find somewhere to stop for the night! We tried several bed and breakfast places, but all with ‘No Vacancies ‘ displayed in their windows. So, feeling thirsty and needing beer for thought, we walked into a pub, ordered a pint each and casually asked the barman if he knew of anywhere in town that could possibly have rooms available for the night. The guy replied that there was a B & B just a short walk away that had vacancies. After double timing the beer we walked to the place where he suggested and spotted it across the road. It was called ‘Aunty Ruth’s and we knocked on the door and waited, and waited. A large woman answered the door, she had a West Country accent and confirmed she did have vacancies. When we walked into her establishment she informed us she didn’t have any-more rooms available but we were welcome to use the living room, which could accommodate 4 people. We considered it for literally 2 seconds and said yes straight away. We then walked back to the pub where Mel and Paul waited for us to tell them the good news. They were both, how can I put it, errr, tipsy, but seemed very happy to follow our lead towards Aunty Ruth’s.

Once there, we spoke to the landlady again, who informed us that she would not allow anyone into our ‘Room, Living Room’ after 9pm and would make up our beds. We paid her, thanked her and went into the living room to relax for a couple of hours before going out for the evening. We were sat relaxing, and trying to have a snooze when the door opened and in walked this large guy, who walked around us and sat down next to me. Stuart winked at me, obviously insinuating that I’d ‘Pulled’, and I tried not to tell Stuart to piss off! Anyway, it turned out that this large stranger was, well, a little mentally challenged, and he had chosen me to explain to him how to fill out a football coupon, at least I think it was. I explained as best as I could and he walked off seemingly happy. He was a big guy so I was happy that he seemed happy, otherwise I think the 4 of us would have been in danger of eating his football coupon, if you get my meaning.

Moving on, we showered and changed, well actually myself and Stuart did, Mel and Paul were happy to stay smelly for the evening out, and on the way out we politely asked the landlady what time breakfast was, to which she replied “8 o clock ” . Then we asked her what time she finished serving breakfast, to which she replied “8 o clock”! So, I’m not a mathematician, but by my calculations, that gave us exactly zero time to order, eat and get out by 8am. We didn’t say anything to her but that became a running joke throughout the night and for weeks after. But it did become a bit irksome when Paul kept on repeating “8 o clock” all frigging evening.

In the next episode, I’ll take you through what happened during our night out, Until then………

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