Time Is The Biggest Treasure We Have

As I get older I realise and recognise a number of things that I always took for granted. Non of us truly believe we’re going to grow older, we all think we’re superhuman, nothing can touch us when we’re young, untouched by life.

But let me tell you something, as I’ve grown older and maybe a little wiser, I’ve realised that the most precious and valuable thing we have is time. Not withstanding plastic surgery and so called wonder drugs that hold back the years from showing on our faces, I’ve never heard of or witnessed anybody growing younger, the passage of time dictates that we just get naturally older and hopefully wiser. Ask yourself something, just as I’m asking myself now, how many seconds, minutes, months and years do we all waste during our life? Between the time we are born to the moment we die, how many wasted moments and opportunities do we all miss because we all foolishly believe we have the time to realise who we truly are?

It’s a question we should all ask ourselves and not one of us could be honest with ourselves and answer truthfully!!!

Don’t you agree ?

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