No Rehearsal

Waking up every morning gives most people a chance to change their life if they want to, regardless and despite of the mistakes they have made in the past. We can all be a better person than we were the previous day, the previous week or even the years before. The majority of us are blessed with the gift of the freedom of life, so the least we can do is try to make our life better than before. Focus on the future because nobody can change the past. We make our decisions on what we believe, based on our past experiences, but what we should be doing is building plans for the future that are bright and exciting. Life not only happens to you, it also happens for you and sometimes, against you, in intensive, gentle, passionate and passive ways. For those of us who are free, life is what we make it, so make it memorable and spectacular, live life so it remains in the memory of your family and friends and occasionally makes them smile. It’s a genuine shame that the majority of us are ruled by the fear of failure, a fear based on past experiences that train our mind to accept failure and become afraid of reaching for what we see as impossible or unattainable. Well, In my opinion we should all do ourselves a huge favour and at least try to do what we really want to do. Do you know what? If we can do that, then not one of us can call ourselves a failure. We all run the risk of failing when we do the things and get the things that we don’t truly want, so we may as well take a chance of failing by going for what we really do want in life.

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