Continuous Changes

I have written about destiny many times on WordPress, or more accurately, about the personal life paths of every person on earth being preordained. Now, I know that’s a fairly Contentious idea or belief, but I don’t care because that’s what I believe.

Here’s my take on life as we know it Jim! The whole of the planet and all things living on it are going through continuous change, and nothing anybody or anything does can stop that change. The strange thing is, very few, if anyone, actually notices the changes they are constantly going through, probably because change is so subtle over time. So, everything changes even though we don’t see it. Agreed? Ok, good.

The human body initially changes from the inside (Basic biology) which, by a chain reaction, changes how the outside world sees us as individuals, in how we look and how our personalities change. So, every cell, every atom that makes up the human body is in constant, irreversible change, which means nothing stands still or remains exactly the same. That uncontrollable fact also shows in our everyday life. We change jobs, work with different people, learn new things, have new experiences and develop different opinions and learn to do things differently. All these little increments often go unnoticed by the person going through this change and often go unnoticed by the people who blindly witness these changes.

However, when some people actually notice the change they are going through, it affects them in a variety of ways, and I think, the worst possible reaction we have as human beings to change is the knee-jerk, natural reaction to resist change. However, resisting change is futile and can only lead a person to suffer in a multitude of ways. Depression, anxiety, sleeping problems and even behaviour problems can result from resisting change. In my opinion, the main reason we all resist change during our life is the fact that the majority of us are romanced by nostalgia. We want things to stay the same because we feel safe, we only remember the good times, or we only remember the good times fondly. We feel comfortable in the past. If we were only strong enough or confident enough to embrace change and accept “Whatever will be, will be” (Doris Day, I think) then actually understanding and accepting that non of us can stop change, the unstoppable deviations that life brings could probably, if given the chance,  be pleasant, if not beautiful.

The majority of us like the many surprises that life brings, even if those surprised bring with it a sense of shock, euphoria or sometimes, sadness, but that is how we grow, through life experience and change. When I left my previous job working in a bakery (See Gunstones) I had very mixed feelings. I couldn’t wait to leave the job because it was monotonous, hum drum and at times very soul destroying. However, I worked with the craziest bunch of great, hilarious, compassionate, thoughtful, genuine people it has ever been my pleasure to work with. But, things change, people move on, even when they don’t want to, but, as the old crooner Frank said “That’s life”. So, I accepted change, and with that change came a whole new crazy, at times surreal experience that I am still working through now. However, I guess I am one of the very lucky ones who can accept change, embrace those very funny changes every day and still look back on my crazy, funny times at Gunstones with a fond sense of nostalgia.

After accepting life is an ever changing life and that it changes every second of every day, I can honestly say I am now content to look back in a nostalgic way and remember it with a smile on my face. It’s the highs in life that we all tend to remember and look back on for comfort and inspiration, yet it is often the low points during our life that shape how we change and who we become. I stepped into the unknown when I left the bakery because the security of my life there made me comfortable. I didn’t want to step back out into the unknown because I was afraid of change. I can say, hand on heart, that I am not afraid of facing the many changes life will inevitably bring because I know change can be scary, hilarious and rewarding.

8 thoughts on “Continuous Changes

  1. Excellent blog. The point about resistance to change is brilliantly explained. Can you point me to your previous articles where you have talked about pre-ordained lives? It’s a brave idea: I’d love to see your elaborations on this.
    Cheers, Kevin

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