I Could Win Masterchef, phewww

So, just to clarify, I’m not a chef, not by any stretch of the most imaginative person. However, I’ve watched many people cook lots of different dishes on TV’s Masterchef over the years and it doesn’t look that difficult!!!

The first time I ever watched anyone cook anything was when my dearly departed mum who, god bless her, cremated Breast of Lamb with homemade chips for Saturday tea. The chips breaststroked in the grease running from the lamb and to this day I still don’t understand how I survived it because it was a regular Saturday thing. That was when I first realised cooking wasn’t for me, it just looked to technical!!

After that I watched many different cooks on the TV making it look easy and pretty and appetising.

Then, many years later I saw a painfully skinny guy appearing on Big Brother with a very colourful personality but with no apparent intellect, tackling the art of cooking. When I say ‘Cooking ‘ I actually mean boiling an egg, and whilst he boiled the egg he was skipping around the kitchen singing to himself these words. “I’m boiling an egg for the very first time, ahh ooooooo ahh oooooo”. After considering what an idiot he looked, I realised I hadn’t boiled many eggs over the course of my life, so maybe it was a genuine milestone for him!

Now, I can boil an egg, cook a lasagna, make a damn good fry up and cook a full roast dinner for several people.

So I’m considering my options. Should I carry on with what I’m doing, which is caring and supporting people with severe learning disabilities whilst writing every now and then for pocket money, or audition for Masterchef and show those professional chefs and aspiring contestants who the daddy of the boiled egg really is ?!?!

Apologies for this random post, I’m working a night shift and thankfully, it’s a fairly quiet one so far.

In fact, I have time so I’m going to boil the perfect egg.

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