‘‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”

Actually, it was one night in late October but hey, who’s being pedantic when it’s nearly Christmas!

The night in question was quite a warm October night and I had just finished work for the day. The bus stop was and still is a 2 minute stroll from the doors of the property where I walk.

I walked out of the door, crossed the road and lit a cigarette and hadn’t meandered 200 yards when I heard the soft yet troubled murmurings of a male voice pleading “Help me, I’m stuck”! I looked around and heard the words repeated again and again “Help me, I’m stuck”!

The voice was subdued and helpless, in fact, it was so haunting that I immediately thought it was children fart arseing around behind the bushes near the bus stop.

However, the voice became slightly louder, so being the inquisitive type and fancying myself as Sherlock Holmes, I followed my ears and went to investigate. I walked across the road in the direction of this phantom voice, tiptoeing like Fred Flintstone around the houses, flats and bungalows, all the time guided by “Help me, I’m stuck”! which, by the way, had become more urgent.

I looked wherever I could get access to, but I couldn’t find the owner of the voice. As I walked around the front of a block of 2 storey flats a guy came around the corner walking his pooch. He looked at me and said. “Can you hear what I hear”? I nodded in acknowledgement as “Help me, I’m stuck ” met our combined ears.

So this guy with his dog joined me in the search. We looked for a few minutes without discovering the owner of the voice until the voice suddenly stopped!

The guy with the dog said “Well, must get on” and walked off into the distance, leaving me still snooping around. Then I saw the headlights of the bus coming around the corner of the street. I listened intently for the voice once more before running for my bus.

The moral of the true story, schizophrenic people are not the only people who hear voices that have no immediately obvious source.

Consequently, I listened to the local radio for a couple of days after the incident just in case anything came to light, but nothing ever did. I often wonder who it was and what happened to him. Guess I’ll never know.

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