Google Home

It’s a quick one. So, the other day we was listening to music that was streaming through Google Home and I wanted to turn it off so I could watch some TV. So I said, in a commanding voice “Turn off”. But it didn’t. So, my voice became louder and louder as I repeated “Turn off” until I was shouting at the top of my voice “What the FUCKS wrong with you, turn fucking off”!!!! I

I only stopped shouting and swearing at it when I was reminded to use the words “Hey Google ” before issuing any commands.

I felt stupid as I quietly said “Hey Google, turn off”.

Moral of the story. I’m technically stupid.

5 thoughts on “Google Home

    1. 😊 glad it made you laugh. If you had been there to witness me with my nose virtually touching the my nose shouting at it you would probably have thought I was insane πŸ˜‚ glad you liked it.


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