Just A Thought, but…..

This is just a thought!

It’s taken me a long long time to have faith in who and what I am.

The irony of that statement is that I accept I’ll never truly know who I really am or what will happen to me, I just have faith that whatever I do or say or believe will probably not alter the course of my destination. It might affect it a little bit by developing bumps in the road, but the destination will always remain the same.

Having faith doesn’t mean being in complete control Of your life. Being in complete control would be boring, wouldn’t it ?

Having faith means accepting things change, for better or worse, who knows, but things change, we have to trust that things will work out for the best, whatever ‘Best’ is!

Life is what it is.

5 thoughts on “Just A Thought, but…..

  1. It would be an interesting exercise to raise a group of children in complete honesty—no deception! But alas…the world raises their kids in near total subjectivity and superstition. Who knows who you’d really be without all that? The key now is to run in a direction of your own current condition. I think those hopes and dreams that we stifle and delay are probably the real us. Just have to force a breakthrough from the doldrums. Thoughtful post.

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