Reality or not for Sammy the Goldfish?

When I was a little boy, a very little boy of 6 or 7 years of age, the family had a Goldfish which we named Sammy. Every day, Sammy would participate in the water slide game. This game consisted of filling the kitchen sink with water, placing him in the sink, taking the plug out and watching him go down the plug hole in a clockwise direction. Little did poor Sammy know, but someone would be strategically placed outside, holding his Goldfish bowl, filled with water, underneath the end of the water pipe, catching him ‘Safely’ in his bowl. Sammy’s adventure would then be repeated another 2 or 3 times.

It wasn’t my idea to ‘Entertain’ Sammy, and I am in no way passing the blame, but I participated, and considered for quite a long time that I would one day, go to hell. Remarkably, Sammy lived for 5 years, which apparently, is a very long time for a Goldfish to live in a bowl. Sammy’s little water-slide made my sister, brother and parents laugh, but I can’t remember laughing, maybe I did, I don’t know.

My sister was and still is 4 years older, my brother 6 years older, but I participated by watching his ‘Adventure’ and occasionally catching him in his bowl. Did Sammy enjoy it? Who can fucking say, only Sammy, only he could say, If he had developed the ability to talk! I can only imagine Sammy was terrified. Or maybe he wasn’t, who can say!

Did Sammy have faith in the people who kept him as a pet? Did Sammy think “Fuck, this is brilliant”?  Or “Fuck, not again”! Did Sammy think? Which leads me to the point of this jumbled up blog.

Faith is the act of letting go and trusting that the outcome will be inevitable and  hopefully favourable. In reality,  whether the result is good, bad or indifferent, whatever the outcome is, it just is. Survival was Sammy’s terrifying water-slide outcome.

So Sammy’s reality was part of his existence, but in reality, if Sammy had died, I’m almost sure another Goldfish would have been won on a Hook-A-Duck the next time a fair had rolled into town. The point is, in my view, reality is only relative when it directly affects a person or people on a personal level. I’m not being cold, callous or uncaring,  i’m just trying to see things from a realistic point of view.

If we, as individuals are part of reality, then reality is only relative to what we as individuals experience through sight, touch, taste, hear and feel emotionally. However, in theory, everything outside of our personal experience is not reality. For instance, you or I could be enjoying a coffee with several friends in a cafe adjacent to a beach during a warm late afternoon, watching the sea gently break on the sand. At the exact same moment, in different parts of the world, someone is dying a horrible death or suffering a terrible tragedy or witnessing a violent act. Unless you/we are personally invested or effected by happy or terrible events that happen elsewhere, then a show of empathy or sympathy is futile and therefore, not a tangible part of your reality. Do you agree, or disagree?

But the real question is, what is reality?

I don’t think i am a philosophiser but I find the subject fascinating, especially when I think about what Sammy was thinking or feeling. Arguably,  philosophy is the discussion of mostly  trivial matters, and when people verbalise philosophical ideas, they/we  essentially talk about things, hypothesise  and look for answers when there is no definitive answer. So, when a question is formed from a discussion based around trivial questions, finding an answer that seems to make sense and then verbally communicating the answer, results in a person speaking nonsense, as I have just done.

However, the question of reality regarding my dearly departed Sammy, was relative to his reality, and as such, because I saw him as a small, or big part of the family, was also part of my reality.

Sorry for this, just thought I’d put it out there.


7 thoughts on “Reality or not for Sammy the Goldfish?

  1. Yes, reality is usually about what affects you personally, however, other times, someone else’s reality move you so deeply that it becomes a call to action to make it a part of your life. 😂 poor Sammy and his unspoken abuse.

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