Toilet Chanting

Just a quick one. I visited Bakewell in the Peak District today with some of the family and had a surreal experience!

We were meandering around some of the quirky little gift shops when I was suddenly took short.

I handed the shopping bag to my daughter and explained I had to run to the nearest convenience.

I literally ran, paid 20 pence at the turnstile entrance and saw a man look at me, point at me and sing “He’s a yiddo”. I’m a Spurs fan and was wearing my Spurs hat. I smiled at him in appreciation and darted for the first cubicle.

I had just sat down, finding relief when I heard the same man singing again ! “Yiddo, Yiddo, come on you Spurs”. He continued so I felt obliged whilst I was straining to sing back “Come on you Spurs”.

At which point he stopped singing. I heard the hand dryer go into action then silence !

It’s strange where you can bump into a fellow Spurs supporter !

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