I am no philosopher

Does everything really have an opposite meaning? Does everything that is known to mankind (Or for all those who are mindful of political correctness: Human kind)  have a connection or correspond to something?

I don’t know but I tend to believe that everything must have an opposite, everything must be connected to something, some corresponding event or someone!

I felt something once, or had an experience that caused me to briefly see myself as insignificant. It was something yet nothing. (A little bit like me) I looked up at the sky during a quiet moment whilst sitting with a childhood friend sharing a cigarette. It was during a summer evening chat in his garden and I considered myself as insignificant and meaningless. I saw myself in the greater scheme of the universe, saw myself as the tiniest speck of sand on a living beach that didn’t care if I existed, a beach that didn’t even know I existed. That feeling or realisation only stayed with me for a few seconds but the point is, I felt it and for a second, I understood it and felt my sudden self awareness gave me a sense of importance and insignificance.

A little later in life I went on to contemplate existence and how it must be in relation to something because everything has to be in relation to something, otherwise, what’s the point?

Then I thought about the concept of non existence and considered that to be the logically related brother or sister to existence. As astonishing as my logical or illogical conclusion was, if a man or woman does not or cannot believe in non existence, then by relation to that, logic dictates that they cannot believe in existence, because one naturally compliments the other. If you believe in one, then by natural association, you must believe in the other.

So, some or probably all of the greatest scientific brains, because they have deep knowledge in the existence of life, must surely believe in the non existence of life, which arguably equates to believing in life existing as a non existent entity living in a different  galaxy, universe or even another dimension!

We’ve all heard the old adage about the tree that falls in the forest that asks “if no-one is there to hear it fall, does it make a sound”? In a similar vein, if something exists in a different or as yet, undiscovered place, does that automatically mean that it doesn’t exist because it hasn’t yet been discovered?

(End of I’m not philosophical contemplation)

3 thoughts on “I am no philosopher

  1. Philosophy is pretty at times, but bankrupt because it lies headlong on a faulty premise—belief . In our natural state, look at someone like the Pirahã’s to see the value of belief in living a life of utility. Our entire culture is built by belief. Friends and family war over it, and where does the value lay? https://youtu.be/9p0mV_v6cSw

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