I have to say this !!!

When I worked as a doorman I wasn’t the person I am naturally. A friend asked me to work with him as a favour and I did it as a favour for over a year.

I like to think I was gentle and considerate throughout my time on the door, I hope that I actually helped more people with their problems than I actually threw out of a pub or club..

A friend of mine once asked me why I was doing it and I replied I was helping a friend in need out.

I’m only mentioning this because I don’t want anyone to think or get the impression I’m a thug or a heavy handed arse. I like to think I’m a gentle giant who puts others before myself.

Just saying this for clarification.

10 thoughts on “I have to say this !!!

  1. My stewarding role is similar in many ways. The key point that people miss when it comes to that line of work is that it’s a role that is important for people’s safety. To be good at it requires a good temperament and people skills – the physical side is something that’s only done when necessary.

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