Putting Out The Dragon

When I was a boy I was very quiet and shy, in fact I didn’t allow my personality to reveal itself for the first 10 years of my life. Thinking back, all the turmoil that was happening at home probably had an adverse affect on me. I was firmly under my shell, occasionally peeking out to see if it was safe!

So, at school, up to the age of 10, I had very few friends, very few people I could be myself around.

Most of the teachers terrified me and as a result, my learning journey suffered immensely. I fell behind in the majority of my lessons and was often thrown into the bottom class, probably because they believed I didn’t get it or they didn’t have the patience to teach me properly or more importantly, get to know me. Whatever their reasons, I tumbled into the bottom class of everything like an out of control snowball. One of the teachers in particular made me literally shake with fear. The teacher was female but her name escapes me. She stood very tall and broad for a woman, had a quadruple chin and wore large rimmed glasses on the end of her nose. She singled me out most days and made me stand by her desk and read to her whilst the rest of the class carried on with their work. My mum later discovered I had mild dyslexia.

I would very often mispronounce words whilst I was standing to attention next to her, which initially forced a laugh to escape her tight lips then she would bark the correct pronunciation in my face and made me repeat it several times until she was happy.

The tables turned one afternoon that is seared into my memory. It’s important to mention that the classroom was on a slight slope, with the teachers sitting at the bottom. My desk was situated in direct line with hers but right at the very back of the classroom, so I could plainly see the horns sticking out of her tightly pulled back hair. I was bursting to go to the toilet because I had played football over the lunch break and hadn’t given myself enough time to go. She had made me so afraid of her that my hand refused to go up to ask to be excused.

So there was nothing else to do: the floodgates opened and a very warm Hoover Dam ran down in a very straight line and accumulated around the teachers very shiny shoes. The boy say opposite me started to laugh, which made the dragon move her feet, then the ‘Splash splash’ sound that her feet made compelled her to look down and scream like a wolf on crack cocaine. I managed to stop the flow and froze in fear as she vented her fury on me. I somehow found the strength to stand up and run for the hills accompanied by the screams of the dragon and the laughter of the class.

I ran home over the park in the freezing cold, the wind partially drying my school trousers and freezing the tears that fell.

Looking back, I’m glad I pissed on her shoes, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer dragon.

That doused her fire. 😊

39 thoughts on “Putting Out The Dragon

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  1. Gees John, bad news – can relate slightly – l had a math teacher in class called Mrs Borris who l classed as an absolutely hideous dragon – she scared the absolute beepjesus out of, not helped by the fact that she had two hairy moles one on her nose below her right eye with the second on her forehead and it was so bad it reminded me of a cyclops!

    Never peed myself, but she used to induce a case of the worst farts on the planet from me.

    I was fresh over from Australia, so my Ozzie accent was extremely broad and she literally used to humiliate me on a regular basis and call me stupid.

    Some teachers we never ever forget sadly.

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  2. That’s some serious juju she acquired, being a teacher who treated students–children–that way! Wouldn’t want to be in her shoes……..karmically or literally ! ! ! 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry…but you make me smile🦋but it is a sad story..
    Thank you for sharing, and I’m looking forward to follow your blog.
    Love from Norway🦋
    (and you have to excuse my English, try to write as best I can)..

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  4. I was a weird outcast at school also, never in with the in crowd, used to get teased and bullied, called rubber lips because I had big lips, now they’re all sticking fillers and crap into their lips to look like me! last laugh – I’ve had it!

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