If Music Be The Food Of Life

I’m not quoting anyone as far as I know with the title but if I am then I can only apologise and plead guilty to plagiarism!

As a boy (About 8 or 9) I would religiously sit in front of the TV and watch westerns every Saturday morning. It didn’t matter who was in it because I knew nothing about film stars back then. Most of the movies were black and white re-runs but I lost myself in the screen. Occasionally, one of the cowboys would miraculously get his hands on a guitar and sing whilst sat on a horse. To me, those parts of the movie were a needless distraction because I was sat there for one reason only, to watch the rooting tooting good guys get those pesky vermin bad guys.

However, it was needless until I watched a Western called Flaming Star. The titles rolled and the theme song kicked in and i discovered that my foot was tapping to the beat and my head was bobbing around like a chicken. I was mesmerised. There was no singing throughout the movie but the song came on at the end again and I watched for his name as the credits flashed over the screen. Flaming Star, sung by Elvis Presley rolled by and I made sure i remembered the name because I wrote it down on a scrap of paper.

That was the start of a lifelong love for all types of music, especially the music of Elvis. Not long after Flaming Star had been screened, a run of movies starring Elvis replaced the Westerns on Saturday mornings. To be honest, he was never going to win an Oscar but every time he started singing I became more and more consumed with his style of music. Occasionally, my mum would walk into the living room and catch me dancing around like a floppy hand puppet, free of its strings and she laughed at me. She probably thought her son belonged in an asylum for the insane!

As a grew up I swayed towards his love songs and ballads, in particular his music after his comeback in 68 (3 years after I was born)  After my reluctant and forced debut as a karaoke singer (I say that with tongue in cheek) my friend Stu and I regularly sang (Tongue in cheek again) Elvis songs. I think our favourite song to relentlessly murder was Suspicious Minds (Sorry Elvis) However, I think in his top 3 for me is his version of Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Love this song.

I may be wrong but no matter what your taste or preference in music, the majority of people recognise his voice and know at least one of his songs. That speaks volumes about the musical legacy he left behind. Long live the King!

“We can’t go on together, with suspicious minds…………….”.

26 thoughts on “If Music Be The Food Of Life

  1. Cryptomnesia is when you think an idea is yours, but you heard it before inadvertently. The brain can catalog things that you overheard without remembering it, then recall it later. Music is good food. Nice to see you.

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      1. 😂, well lets start again, i enjoyed to read your post, really interesting, i like movies in black and white, specially with Audrey Hepburn.

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  2. It’s nice that your mother smiled at your dancing. Apparently whenever my hubby was doing stuff like that, his mother would huff and be annoyed.

    For some people, music is everything. I was amazed that a friend of mine said he would rather be blind than deaf because he couldn’t imagine living life without music.

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    1. She very occasionally huffed but smiled mostly. I guess your friend has a point, but I’m not sure about losing sight over hearing ! I think I’d prefer losing the power of speech over anything else 😎

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    1. Thank you very much but I’m not sure what to do now. I’ve had nominations before but haven’t been able to respond because I’m a techno dumb ass 😂 but I really appreciate it 😊


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