Here’s Where I Am

Well, after 15 years of not going to a gym I stepped back through the doors yesterday (Saturday) A few of those 15 years of inactivity have been through illness and recoveries from operations. However, I made the decision to do something about my terrible levels of fitness. Yesterday I was only able to manage a paltry 15 minutes of exercise before I ran out of steam. This morning I’m starting to ache but the good thing is, I remember this feeling and I feel slightly better about myself.

Hopefully I will continue as long as I stay focused and determined.

Here’s to gym life 🍻 I hope !!

31 thoughts on “Here’s Where I Am

      1. Cool! Your reply led me to think that if a situation can’t get worst, and you don’t make it better, it becomes a stationary point. Then you get stuck there…which I often do 😂 something to chew on today. Thank you, John!😊

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  1. You started and that’s what’s important. It doesn’t matter that it was a “paltry 15 minutes”, it was something. One foot in front of another before you know it you’ll be spending an hour or more working out.

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    1. Hope so, I’d forgotten how much work was involved 😂 But I’ll keep at it and see what happens. These new look gyms are a million miles away from the ones I used way back 😐


  2. Yeah, starting again is the absolute WORST. Remember “Raging Bull” and DeNiro’s face and body beaten to a bloody pulp and he still gets up and says to his opponent, “You didn’t knock me down, Ray.”
    That’s what we’re saying–shouting–at time and gravity whenever we continue the fight !! Good luck !!

    & PS: Sorry for the “subscribe” message you probably got. I have no idea what’s going on with WP. I stopped getting your posts for no apparent reason, went in to check settings. They were all on. All I did was turn it off and on again, and it sends out a message to you that I’ve “resubscribed”, which is a blatant lie. I’m surprised it didn’t also send a detailed email about what I ate for breakfast, how much I weigh, when I have to fill the car up with gas again, and GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE ! ! ! ! !

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    1. Haha it’s fine, I don’t know about the subscribe thing. I was getting back into the gym but haven’t been for 10 days because I’m under the weather! I haven’t done any posts for a while and haven’t used WP, so I’m behind with everything! Thanks for the good luck wishes. Ohhhh, what did you have for breakfast 🥞 breakfast 🍳 😎😊

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  3. eggs and sausage and toast. It’s a treat, ’cause it’s the weekend. During the week–only–bleh–oatmeal every morning !
    Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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