Social Anxiety

So, I think I know what my mental problem is! For some unknown reason I’ve developed an irrational fear of speaking to people I’m unfamiliar with. I get flustered and find it difficult to get my words out and start or be part of a conversation. Apparently it’s termed social Anxiety and I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s made me feel so nervous around people in general, so much so, that I’m avoiding contact with friends and even some family members! I’m on annual leave at the moment but I’m dreading going back to work. I feel a little bit crazy at the moment, I know I’m not crazy but I feel that way.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern for me and sent me kind messages and words of comfort. I really appreciate it.

19 thoughts on “Social Anxiety

  1. Good for you for being able to give it a name. I suffer social anxiety as well, and there is little rational about it – I spin before I go, look for reasons not to go, but almost every time am fine once I get there. I am lucky that I have a husband who supports me. Do you have any support?

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  2. So sorry you’re experiencing social anxiety, John. Hoping you find some ways to alleviate it. It may be a temporary, situational thing that resolves itself once the situation is dealt with. No idea what’s going on in your world. It could be too many small things piling up also.

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  3. It sounds like you’re in a fragile way, John. One of the few truths about these things is that they always pass, sooner or later. You have given every impression of being a confident, sociable, relaxed guy. Hope you find your way back to that state as soon as can be matey.

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    1. Thanks mate. Actually, I went for a coffee this morning with my best friend and I feel a little better because of it. P.S. You said your lads could beat us at our new home, you were right.


  4. We all stumble our way through life. Some more than others. Some of us fall. Some more than others. It’s the getting up that’s important. Some can do it. Some can’t.
    Some storms just can’t be weathered but hope is always the last to die.

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  5. So sorry you’re experiencing that. A close family member has selective mutism… maybe something to check out. He has a huge fear of speaking in some situations, but not at home or other places where he’s comfortable. A lot of the info out there is for kids but there are many adults with it too.

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  6. I’ve dealt with that a lot, especially when I was younger. I think it’ll help to give yourself lots of love and encouragement, especially if you feel like you messed up an interaction. Tell yourself it’s okay, and take it easy on the conversations. Hope you’ll feel better soon!

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