Decorating To Freshen Up Life

So, when I was going through my anti social, depressive, nervous episode (Not sure what to call it) I decided to dismantle the living room until it was a shell, not through frustration or temper, but because it needed a change, and so did I !!

The old plaster came off, down to the brick and I started from scratch.

I had this idea that changing the decor of the living room would somehow change and improve my mood for the better.

The living room gutted with fresh walls plastered.

I couldn’t remove the settee!

Feature wall papered.

Now for the finished article!

I finished everything yesterday and I feel so much better. I also gutted the bathroom. New shower and toilet installed and working well.

I’m not sure if I believe in Feng Shui but I definitely feel calmer and happier.

26 thoughts on “Decorating To Freshen Up Life

  1. Looks great! Our building works have halted due to workman being seriously ill. It’s been ongoing since start if February. The kitchen and lounge are boarded off and spare room is gutted waiting to be knocked through. The roof is not yet on. The house feels quite oppressive so I think surroundings can have a massive impact on your mood. Glad you feel better 😊

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  2. It’s all nice, and I love that painting too, if he’s talking about the couple standing together in the street. Are they in Paris, by chance? (Like the title of it has to do with Paris?) It looks familiar!

    I’ve been wanting to ask what you do, too, and enjoyed your back and forth with Huguette. That really IS an important job! Props to you ! ! ! πŸ™‚

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