Camping Trip: Part 3

As I mentioned in the last post, there were 4 incidents during our camping holiday that will forever live in my memory. The first I have already documented. ThIs next one involved a tour around a ghost/monster/Dracula attraction that was performed and exhibited in a building that looked down over the entrance to the harbour. The tourist attraction was obviously intended to scare its willing punters. It basically involved a slow, nearly pitch black walk (Stumble) around 2 floors of the building. You know the type that forces the punters to creep around touching the walls to find their way, occasionally walking into illuminated parts where someone in costume jumps out to bring you close to a cardiac arrest but all it manages to do is make you laugh. We were stumbling slowly around around the corridors, guided by hands on walls, walking past large perspect windows dimly lit but bright enough to see all manner of horrific scenes played out by costumed actors/actresses.

All four children were sandwiched between mum and dad when the floor we were walking on gave out a metallic sound when we stepped onto it. The lightning began to flicker at almost the precise moment our footsteps made a hollow metallic echo. Every few steps we walked over grates with bars covering them. The second grate we walked over made the children jump because a pair of arms belonging to an actor came up and briefly grabbed our ankles. After the initial shock we laughed, that is we all laughed apart from my youngest daughter, who froze to the spot, held onto my leg and screamed! Her reaction surprised me a little because she (Becky) always came across as a tough little Tom boy, but she was really screaming and crying and gripped my leg like a vice! We managed to negotiate the rest of the metal floor quickly, (I was walking like a stiff legged gestapo commandant) avoiding the protruding arms as much as we could. We came to the end of the ‘Amusement’ and walked out into the fresh sea air, at which point Beck had stopped crying and protesting and ran in front with her siblings, who waited for her giggling and teasing her. That moment with my daughter stays with me, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because it was the one and only time she clung to me for protection, I don’t know but I loved how she hid behind me and wouldn’t leave my side.

Now she’s all grown up with 3 children of her own, but I still tease her about that evening in Whitby.

Part 4 will follow soon.

10 thoughts on “Camping Trip: Part 3

  1. Many years ago I (about 16) and a strongly-built colleague shared a two-seater rattler (painted appropriately) on a ‘ghost ride’ at the Sydney Easter Show. As we proceeded, lit, fluro-coloured monster images flicked out for a couple of seconds then disappeared just as quickly back where they had come from. ‘Pretty boring’ I thought – little realising that my friend was quietly working himself into a lather. I soon became aware of his state when we rounded another corner and a skeleton, which had appeared to be just another painting on the wall suddenly moved and grabbed him on his shoulder.
    My friend literally rose to the occasion and, without a word, smacked the ‘skeleton’ with great force, straight in the face. The ‘skeleton’ immediately disappeared, also without making a sound (I had a thought of him going back through the canvas set). Circus employees are paid little for their work.

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  2. I took my own daughter, Becky, and son Matthew to the London Dungeon when they were rather younger. They wouldn’t go beyond the first exhibit. Only quite recently did she tell me that it was the (model) rats that scared them

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