Fun, Frolics and Flatulence Part Four (A short One)

To briefly continue the story of our recent holiday to Side, Turkey, I forgot to mention one incident in part 3. During our first day, Jackie proclaimed, as a matter of urgency, that she had forgotten to pack her medication for all of her ailments. (And there are many) Jokeeeeee) Jackie blamed Stuart because she had concentrated on making sure he had all of his medication, and in doing so, she had forgotten hers! (Your fault Stuart) She insisted that she couldn’t do without them for 8 days because if she did, then she would run the risk of  transforming into a dribbling, incoherent mess. No change there then! (Joke) As soon as Mother hen learnt of Jackie’s medical dilemma, Hen antennas stood to attention and she took charge, arranging with military precision a trip into the old town of Side to locate a pharmacist who could feed Jackie’s drug habit. (Joke) So, a taxi was called and we arrived at our destination after a short and very cheap priced 10 minute trip.

As soon as we stepped out of the taxi our feet rested on-top of perspex paving slabs that covered most of the small, winding streets and alleyways. Underneath the perspex, we had a perfect view of ancient Greek and Turkish ruins that were highlighted by carefully placed spotlights. I must admit, it was a strange experience walking above carefully excavated ancient ruins, but it looked amazing and was obviously a great tourist attraction. However, as I looked over my shoulder, Jackie was walking a little bit like Bambi on ice, carefully treading over the perspex, letting us all know she didn’t like it, obviously unnerved by the experience. Stuart also, was a little careful as we walked around looking for Jackie’s potential drug lord. We quickly found the pharmacist and Jackie disappeared through the door, reappearing very quickly with a bag full of goodies.

We then took a leisurely walk around the old town until we came across the harbour, which was full of boats for the tourists to hire. It was a beautiful scene as we strolled unhurried, past all the boats along the quayside until we saw Apollo’s Temple taking pride of place at the end of the harbour. I wanted to have a good look around the temple but because of Stuart’s problems with walking and Jackie’s trembling torso (Withdrawal symptoms I suspect) and the sudden attack of hungry mosquitoes, we decided to turn back and sit in a restaurant that gave us the best views of the sun setting over the sea.  So that was our visit into ‘Side’ on our first day. Personally, I would love to go back there and actually stay in the old town because it was beautiful place.

Part five (Coming soon)  will get into the meat and two veg of the holiday.






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