Wrote This 6 Years ago

A eulogy to a dear friend who passed away 6 years ago. Never forgotten. Les Allen, what a gentleman.

“The future is not a gift, but an achievement”. Albert Einstein famously said this. How true. The majority of people are guilty of taking life for granted, some more than most. Its only when we face mortality that we look back and remember what we did and if what we did made any difference to other people and to ourselves. From a personal point of view i seem to look back at my life more and more with every year that passes and wonder if ive made a difference. If im lucky i have made and been part of many wonderfull memories. If i can continue to help create good memories then i must be a part of other peoples good memories. If i am part of lasting memories then no part of who i truly am will ever die. I gentle man who i have known for 43 years is facing his mortality but i believe he will never truly die because of the memories he leaves behind. I know the first time he kissed his wife will live on her lips for an eternity. I know the memories i have of our time together mean he will always live. What an achievement.

14 thoughts on “Wrote This 6 Years ago

  1. Thank you for sharing a message that assures me I am not the only one who wakes up with making a difference in the lives of others prominent on my mind. Focusing on uplifting others helps move our thoughts away from our own challenges, which we often discover, are more manageable than the challenges of people we reach out and touch.

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  2. You’re so right! May the memories of positives way outweigh the negatives!
    May we be remembered for the smiles we shared… and I do believe Les is remembered for just that… he is still making us smile… even from a remote past… via you!
    Smile on… the best way to be! 😃

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