Finale Of Working With Those With Learning Disabilities

Up to this point, I’ve spoken about 4 of the gentlemen I help to support and care for on a daily basis. The last one I want to talk about is a gentleman who suffers from, amongst other severe learning disabilities, Downs Syndrome.

I guess the very first thing that makes this little cheeky chap stand out from the other residents is that he is very mischievous, topped off with a very naughty laugh. He hasn’t got the ability to communicate verbally but he grabs all staff my the hand and shows us what he wants. However, he often terrorises his housemates by constantly slapping them on the head or running away with their drinks or screaming in their ears.

He is also, like a few of his housemates , double incontinent, but with him, it often turns into a disgusting game, if and when the opportunity presents itself!!!

One particularly stomach churning habit he actually finds funny (But we don’t) is to very stealthily (We try to keep an eye on him as much as we can but it’s not always possible) dig a hard nugget from out of his rectum and roll it along the floor in the direction of one of his housemates!! Recipient then pops it into his mouth, obviously believing it to be chocolate!!! This gruesome activity has happened before we could prevent it on several occasions, but thankfully, not for the last few weeks!! Long may that continue!!!

We know when the crime has been committed because the ‘Giver’ laughs loudly and the ‘Taker’ is chewing when he shouldn’t be chewing!!! (Sorry about the graphic description)

However, despite his disgusting habit, he is very loving and likes nothing more than to cuddle up to a staff member in the evening after medication and bath, but he still hits staff over the head when he gets the chance!!

So that’s it, 5 of the gentlemen I help to care for and support! Is it any wonder my hair has turned grey!

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