Learning Disabilities Note:

Just a quick add-on concerning the last 5 posts. It wasn’t my intention to paint a grim picture of the job I do or the people I help to support. However, I wanted to show the harsh reality of the working situation I face every day, but more than that, the difficulties some people face when they suffer from very severe learning disabilities.

It’s a physically challenging and mentally draining profession and even though the gentlemen I help to support robably have little understanding of their predicament, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel sympathy for them, because I do.

It makes me appreciate what I have.

18 thoughts on “Learning Disabilities Note:

  1. I appreciate you sharing all that you do, and have a great deal of respect for you. I don’t think you share it out of malice at all – I believe it is truly just so that the rest of us out here can fully appreciate and understand what it entails. And we never know when we might find ourselves in the same position needing to give care – it’s useful to have these posts to think back on to help us.
    And then yes, there is always that reminder to be grateful of what I have! πŸ™‚

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  2. As said previously John, you do a job that you can be proud of, justifiably. It’s been fascinating to read about the guys you look after. It gives a good perspective on how fortunate my life has been. I reckon that if the Pearly Gates really exist (big doubts!), you’ve earned yourself a pass inside matey.

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  3. I have enjoyed the series very much. It’s an insightful perspective into the minds of people with learning disabilities. Sometimes when we throw tantrums, our actions are equally unreasonable too.

    Thank you for sharing, John πŸ™‚

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