My Thoughts On A Longwinded Brexit

I want to make it clear that I am in no way politically minded. My mum had a saying about politicians, she’d say “They all piss in the same pot” 😂 Bless her, so gawd knows what she would have made of the ‘Brexit piss-pot’.

I know there’s much more to it than I write down here, but this is how I see it.

Most of Europe are under the political control of the European Union! As I understand it, the EU have the final say on the majority of laws that are passed through the respective parliaments of the 28 countries under the control of the EU. So, the EU’s headquarters in Brussels control most of the laws that are passed, which directly affects what people in 28 countries can and can’t do regarding living their everyday life. To my mind, that’s tantamount to totalitarian. That’s a concentration of control by a single, organisational authority that dominates financial power and authorises the free movement of people (Not all, but a minority) who are a threat to the safety and well-being of decent, ordinary people.

I think, and it’s only my opinion (Or not) that the referendum held over 3 years ago was a vote by the people that didn’t really mean anything to the politicians who we voted in to represent us. However, It developed into a sham for the political classes because they didn’t really expect the majority of the country to vote ‘Leave’. They thought we were blind sheep.

That being the case, they (Politicians) have repeatedly conspired to make it more and more difficult to get out of the EU!!

So democracy effectively died in the U.K. over 3 years ago.

The British politicians and the EU have decided together what the referendum meant to them, absolutely nothing.

Strangely, but not surprisingly, the Brexit deals (By the way we didn’t vote for a deal) thrown together by the ‘In collusion’ politicians have probably been designed to actually mean we don’t leave the European Union. The political class that control the people in the UK, under the total control of the EU, continually dilute the ‘Deal’, effectively resulting in a deal that isn’t a deal, so we won’t actually leave the EU.

The people of Great Britain want the politicians, who we voted in, to grow some balls and stand up for democracy. But they won’t because they all piss in the same corrupt pot as the control freaks who run the EU.

Like I say, I’m not politically minded, but I’m not stupid (I think) and I’m not a member of the easy to herd sheep!

As mum say “They all piss in the same pot”.

31 thoughts on “My Thoughts On A Longwinded Brexit

  1. Your mother was right, and that is why we are all herded like sheep, EU or national government, it is all the same. I think that the British citizens were herded by their government to vote for joining the EU, the membership of which is connected to certain conditions that all member countries have to adher to … more or less … there are exceptions … I remember being very surprised when Britain voted “yes” then. But democracy is long dead, ever since the finance moguls took over the printing of money and other services that should never be in private hands. Capitalism rules firmly now, the dictatorship of mammon, and our politicians bow to that dictator.

    I was just as surprised when Scotland voted “no” on the separation, which they now seem to regret. That was another herding, which usually is done by spreading fear among the citizens for some imaginated, terrible consequences.

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    1. Brilliant point Stella….The printing of money by private forces. If only that could become a major news story….or even the subject of a referendum. The media narratives that herd us (backed by that capital) are so entrenched that most people have no idea. Thinking for oneself is discouraged from the minute we turn up in the school classroom. I have this maverick notion that the newspaper section in every supermarket should be categorised with a sign that reads: ALTERNATIVE LOO ROLL.

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    2. I think you know more than I do Stella (Is that your name? Sorry if it isn’t) but you’re right, it’s all down to the mass manipulation of innocence people, controlled through finances.
      If only the sheep would bare their teeth

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  2. So glad that you wrote this John. It hits the nail on the head. Either the ‘leave’ vote counts, or there is no point in me or anyone else in the UK ever voting again. I say that as someone who isn’t invested in either outcome (I spoiled my ballot paper). If a vote can be ignored by politicians, what’s the point in turning up at the ballot box?
    Democracy is being laughed at, as shown by the illogical bollox that we need a second referendum
    Agree that the EU is totalitarian, despite its relatively friendly face. The EC, which originates all of the laws for the MEPs to vote on, is composed of unelected bureaucrats. Nothing democratic about that. Any EU law is created at root by unelected officials. Like it or not, that’s the reality.
    There may be something even worse, much more sly, going on under the radar. I’ve read in several places that UK military forces became EU Defence Union forces, effective as of today, November 1st. If that’s true, we are done as an independent, sovereign country. Lads from Chesterfield and Chelmsford could be directed to kill people overseas without Britain having any say.
    For obvious bloody reasons, that potentially huge story hasn’t appeared in national media. Can’t vouch for it, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.
    Great post my friend.

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    1. Thanks Kev, I heard rumours of the uk military transforming into a long arm eu force a while ago so wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest! Like I say, I’m not really up on the politics of it all but even I can see it’s all very clandestine

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  3. Whilst a ‘Remainer’, I am afraid I have not been able to buy in to a second referendum. It’s impossible to see how the question could even been framed satisfactorily, never mind arrive at an outcome that would not lead to just the same type of split across the nations.

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  4. My own country is a dumpster fire at the moment, so I’m not really in a position to advise anybody else what to do.

    But the whole “Brexit” thing reminds me of the panic of 2000, when everybody was afraid all the computers would crash and it would be complete and utter chaos. I was never too concerned myself, because I figured the worst that would happen would be that we’d go back in time a little bit and do things like we did them in 1976, which really wasn’t all that bad.

    There are topics like climate change that may really be Doom and Gloom, but I think at worst this will be a minor inconvenience that sorts itself out fairly quickly. When there’s money on the line, it’s startling how quickly things get fixed.

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    1. Yea, money certainly talks. You’re right, the doom and gloom merchants are sucking up all the bullshit about how bad it will be for the British people when in fact all that will change is that we become independent, which is what the EU don’t want!!


  5. This post reflects so much of our own lives experience’s, I have been trying to click a few degrees of separation for a while now. Not always succeeding but glad to have found this blog and will have a good read now.

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  6. My outlook on this is coloured both by a different experience and also where I live – in the very irritating (I know) Northern Ireland.

    I am in the remain camp, whilst also being a critic of the EU. I have argued, even in the Commission in Brussels against policy and for reform. But felt that on balance, whilst not perfect (nothing is) it was beneficial.

    My childhood was utterly dominated by the troubles. It affected the country is every conceivable way. Social structure was different, people met in homes more or churches, there were pubs & clubs of course but this was riskier and prone to attack.
    There was no investment in business or infrastructure, something we are still feeling the effect of. But it was the violence obviously that was the worst. Friends not coming into school because their father or brother had been shot, or blown up. Others caught up in an attack, left permanently injured, and this went on, and on, and on, and on.

    Then there was a development. Talk of ceasefire. Politicians and terrorists were talking and trying to work something out.

    Unfortunately this involved releasing many of the worst criminals out of jail. For ordinary people, this was a bitter, bitter pill to swallow, it was compounded when they were elected into Government. And for clarity – this happened on both sides of the political divide.

    But as a society, for the greater good, we accepted it. Within the structure of the European Union, a deal was agreed whereby if you felt ‘Irish’ you could be so, and equally if you felt British again this was respected. An uneasy peace settled and for 21 years a new generation has grown up, not untouched but less affected.

    Suddenly the rug has been pulled from under our feet and we have been threatened with this return to the past.

    It makes me feel physically sick thinking that my boys could end up caught up in that.

    So when I look at how the referendum was conducted, and what was said or promised; and when I think about how Art 50 was triggered before the country was adequately prepped, with no thought to what would happen here it does make me angry.

    Not with people who voted to leave, but with how the whole thing was handled so casually like it was of no consequence.

    I only know of one solution but obviously it is unpopular with half the population. I don’t know how to resolve this, but I really don’t want to go back to how things were growing up.

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    1. I understand your feelings and I sympathise because my dad was born and brought up in Armagh and he would often talk about all the violence and uncertainty. I won’t pretend to know what it must have been like during all the troubles. Every point you make is absolutely relevant and your worries are real. I don’t think the English people in general considered the potential threat of a return to violent ways in Ireland. I hope that the mindset has changed over the last 21 years, I hope that common sense and decency would win over a return to senseless killings!
      Northern Ireland have never been an irritation, it’s merely the fact that the EU are blatantly using the backstop as an unfair bargaining tool to effect the result of the referendum.
      It’s heartless and callous by the EU but I hope that everything can be sorted out to make all sides happy.
      Sorry if my blog upset or offended you, it wasn’t intended.

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      1. No, it absolutely didn’t at all. If anything it seemed like a decent place for sensible discussion.

        And I very much hope that I haven’t offended anyone either.

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  7. Hear hear, hear hear… HEAR HEAR!!!!
    Totalitarian state… that’s what the EU wants… so, how can it just let the UK leave?
    Let’s hope Boris and company makes it happen for you! The sooner the UK sets the example and proves to the rest of Europe that it can be done, other countries will follow… and democracy can return!
    PS – I live in another EU puppet state… that needs to wake up too. If I had any say in the matter, I would happily live in a post-Brexit UK than in an EU dependency…

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