Egyptians, The Pineal Gland And Bones!

I’ve had a couple of days off work (Annual Leave) so I spent 3 hours of that time watching a documentary about the Pyramids and ancient Egyptians. Fascinating culture.

The most interesting thing for me concerned Tutankhamen, and how historians have fashioned a theory around carefully deciphered facts, that he was a very spiritual individual, a king that led by peaceful example, which was reflected in the people he ruled over, who apparently, were so spiritually enlightened that the kingdom was a virtual ‘Shangri-la’.

It’s interesting that his alleged father, King Akhenaten, who founded the city of Amarna, where Tutankhamen eventually ruled, was a very spiritual person, who valued freedom of expression and creativity over material growth and wealth. (It’s a shame our world leaders don’t follow the same principles) Akhenaten’s methods of ruling meant monetary wealth was unimportant, only personal growth, happiness and enlightenment were valued. (Therefore, his methods of ruling were frowned upon by some because it didn’t make the rich more wealthy. (Where have we seen that before?!)

Anyway, enough of the history lesson, what I found intriguing was this. The citizens of this shangri-la had the alleged ability to access and activate the sixth sense, the subconscious, or a place of absolute tranquility (Or whatever you want to call it)

Apparently, they were able to do this through the use of ingredients extracted from the Blue Lotus. This ‘Lilly’ held properties that stimulated the Pineal Gland, which was thought to be a sort of gateway to the path of ‘Seeing’ an alternative dimension or existence. Developing access to the Pineal was also a way of utilising the periphery of senses!! that allowed them the use of 360 senses. (And I thought the 6th sense was unattainable)

So, out of interest, I did a little research about the Blue Lotus to discover what the Egyptians extracted from it. (Please don’t read into this. I do not believe I have the ability to replicate what the Egyptians did in an attempt to transport myself to a happy-go-lucky dimension where McDonald’s are good for you and free)

However, I did discover that the extraction of vitamins K1 and K2 from the Lilly were mostly responsible for reactivating the Pineal Gland. They did this by stripping away the build-up of calcium that encased the Gland, which occurs because of a lack of use. This calcium shell prevented the utilisation of the gland.

Also, because of these vitamin’s combined ability to dissolve calcium, vitamin D3 along with a calcium product was also administered (Not sure how) to counteract the affects of the breakdown of essential calcium in the bone.

I discovered that the use of these vitamins along with a calcium supplement can not only help in the prevention of osteoporosis but it can also help to reverse the process and regenerate diseased bone.

I know it sounds crazy, but a little light came on regarding my wife. She has the early symptoms of osteoporosis, diagnosed by doctors at the hospital a few years ago. Despite painkillers and occasional injections into the spine, she is becoming slowly worse. So I’ve considered this ancient form of supplementation and ordered some today.

I hope I haven’t made a catastrophic mistake, because at the moment, she appears to know everything 😂 I’ve given up consulting Google, I just ask the wife !! 😂 Imagine what my life would be like if she developed 360 senses!!

Seriously, anything is worth a try and you never know, I might even get the opportunity to speak with someone who is on the same level of intellect as Tutankhamen!!

28 thoughts on “Egyptians, The Pineal Gland And Bones!

  1. I would go so far as to say that it was no coincidence that you watched that documentary …
    If you are at a stage ry where it can’t possibly get worse, why not try something new. What does your wife say, is she game?

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      1. I would trust that more than all the chemicals, except for antibiotics maybe. My experiences with modern physicians are not so great with a few select exceptions, especially national health services … The problem is, that there are indeed many things they simply don’t know, but they can’t admit it.

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    1. Good for your daughter 😊 brilliant 👍 I’m a literary historian by profession but I’ve never really studied Egyptology but I’m learning that it’s a fascinating cultural. And hopefully it will help IF she tries it fingers crossed 🤞

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  2. Fascinating stuff John. Osteoporosis is debilitating. How brilliant will it be if your supplements do the trick? I think the Egyptians knew a thing or three that have been obliterated by science and modern pharmacy. The calcifying of the pineal gland is something I came across a few years back. One line of speculation is that it limits our range of senses, as you say. Another is that the fluoride in tap water is a culprit.
    Whatever – hope it’s all good for your wife. 😊

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    1. Thanks Kev, fingers crossed, one thing is for sure, they knew a lot more than I ever will. It’s fascinating stuff and it’s curious how the more ‘Advanced ‘ we become as a human race, the more information we seem to discard from the ancients.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about your wife too and hope this helps. I mean, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, right?
    Kevin mentioned fluoride in the water as a possible cause for our troubles. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intentional; can’t have people going around with a functioning pineal gland, can we?! What if we gleaned things that were before invisible to us or understood more intuitively, felt more connected to others, didn’t argue, fight, get into wars? Where’s the money in that? Ridiculous. Kill that thing!

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  4. Haha, niceee… ‘Lilly’ held properties in a blue lily sounds intriguing, surely something I would investigate further 😉

    Thank you for sharing!


  5. Great read! I think it is important for all humans to know the origin of humanity. Many individuals are confused within. I think it is important for us to know about ancient medicine and technique’s. Nature and plants have so many health benefits. There is A LOT of beliefs about the Pineal Gland. Dating back as far as mankind. Anything is worth a try especially if modern medicine is not working. I hope your wife gets better and I hope you seek knowledge and wisdom.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. You’re right, I believe somewhere along the way we have somehow lost knowledge about medicines that benefited humans. At the moment she doesn’t take it, she forgets about it. 😊

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  6. I didn’t understand the science behind it but I hope it has been helpful. And, it makes sense it’d help to tune into the sixth sense. The healthier the body the more intuitive one can be, me thinks.
    Love, light, and glitter

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