Street Football And Looking For UFOs

When I was about 11ish, there was a group of us, myself, my brother and my mates, all living within a 2 minute walk of each other. All shapes and sizes, with about a 6 year difference between us all. (My brother had just left school, I was the youngest) Thinking back, we were a pretty close knit bunch of wannabe footballers and adventure seekers. After school, we would gather on the corner of the street, about 8 of 9 of us, pick teams and play football until the sun went down over the rooftops of the terraced houses. Everyone’s parents would call us in for tea about 5pm. We’d scarper, eat as quickly as possible without choking and reconvene on the corner of our makeshift football pitch to carry on the game.

We didn’t have goalposts so we improvised. A large gable end of a house at the end of the terrace became our goal. We would get some chalk and draw white posts and a crossbar on the brick, as close to ‘Proper’ size as possible! The neighbor who lived there at the time must have really appreciated us!!! Not only were we blasting the ball against his living-room wall every evening, and making a god awful noise, we were systematically defacing his property every day!!! I remember going into the living-room once because my mum asked me to knock on their door and ask for a little bit of sugar! He answered the door like Medusa and told me to stand in the room whilst the football hit his wall. It made a hell of a sound, like a balloon popping but the sound was muffled and echoed!! (It didn’t stop us playing football!)

The UFO fascination came about one evening whilst we were playing football. It was pretty late in the evening, the stars were just starting to become visible and we were coming to the end of a penalty shootout! Myself and Tony, my bestest, best childhood buddy were sat on the pavement, waiting for the victor to emerge. Whilst I was concentrating on the football, he nudged me and told me to look up at the sky. I looked up and watched a distant white light acting weirdly. Me and Tony watched it changing directions, seemingly turn on and off, change colour then completely disappear. (No joke)

We tried our best to get the attention of the others but they were deep into scoring the winning penalty at Wembley.

Myself and Tony were hooked. From that moment on we agreed to keep a lookout for UFOs every night after football.

We chose my back garden as the darkest, quietest place to scan the skies. We had flat, grassy parts we could lay down on and it allowed for a panoramic view of the night sky. My mum didn’t seem to mind us laying on the garden looking up at the sky, probably because she actually knew where I was!

Over the course of the summer, we saw some lights that our overactive imagination wouldn’t allow us to make sense of. Actually, one night, when we were laid there, facing the night sky, we saw 4 red and green lights, travelling very slowly, all in line, spaced pretty evenly apart. What made it more interesting was our neighbour who lived in the house on the opposite corner of the ‘football house’! He was on his back garden putting something away in his shed when he called to his wife to come into the garden. I few seconds later we heard him say “Look at that” pointing up to the sky. Tony and I raised ourselves up onto an elbow, looked across the garden and realised they were looking at the same lights in the sky that we were watching. We laid back down and watched as the lights disappeared, then we heard the neighbours back door click, indicating they had gone indoors.

That was a fascinating and memorable night, and kept the conversation of UFOs the topic of conversation between me and Tony for weeks after.

Thinking back, what we saw were probably just military planes on some sort of training exercise, but at the time, we were convinced, probably because two adults had seen the same thing, that we had definitely seen alien craft from a distant galaxy!

Its just a nice memory but knows what else exists in the millions of galaxies that we know nothing about! Makes the mind boggle!

27 thoughts on “Street Football And Looking For UFOs

  1. Yes, who knows what you saw … 😉
    I found this citation in the comic Calvin and Hobbes the other day:
    “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.” 😉 😀

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    1. They’ve contacted me, I can attest to that. I’ve had 20 separate UFO sightings in my adult life. Some were only 3 doors down! I put that sighting and all the others in my new book, A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story. I wanted to share my life with UFOs with my friends and family and anyone else who wonders if we’re not alone. If you’re interested in reading more, go to and you’ll see at least the one black triangular UFO that was above my neighbors’ roof!

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  2. That’s funny to comment on the cricket and not even mention the UFOs, lol !!! That really brightened my day.
    Who knows what’s going on, right? UFOs are such a ridiculed subject nowadays. But you reminded me of a post I did a while ago, and now that I’ve seen it, it was before I really had any followers, so I think I’m gonna repost it, ’cause it’s a fun one. If you wanna see, here it is. But you don’t have to read the book review. Just skip forward if you want to the fascinating paintings at the end!

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      1. I’m some of the people back THEN were playing some form of cricket, too, and resting on the lawn when they looked up and saw something weird in the sky……. 🙂

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    1. Yea, I think Derrick has a very dry sense of humour 😂 Lovely chap. You’re right, I’m definitely opening myself up to ridicule but what’s life for but to live on the edge of madness 😂


  3. Great topic John. Talk to most people, and either they think they’ve seen a UFO, or know someone who has. Military technology is a definite option.

    Here’s a true story, with a witness. I took Rory on a camping holiday in North Norfolk in August 2013, with my mate Jono and his family. I had slept outside under the stars to view the Perseid meteor showers, in the clear skies. On the third night Jono joined me. I got up for a piss at about 3.30 a.m. And noticed three sets of lights in the field behind us, no more than 80 yards away. Each set comprised three orb-like lights, in triangular formation. The three triangles were moving in an unpredictable motion, slightly jerky, almost synchronised, almost in a dance. Accompanied by odd metallic sounds. Then a beam of distinct red and dark fractals travelled just above the ground to the field’s furthest perimeter.

    Horses in the field sounded terrified.

    The lights continued to wobble; were coming a little closer when I decided to wake Jono. Fear was knocking hard, and I wanted a witness to what would otherwise be written off as my dreaming or drunkenness. By the time he was alert, two sets of the lights had disappeared. The third seemed to split into its three constituents, wavering fitfully in varying directions. We watched for around ten minutes. The orbs continued to move unpredictably over the grass. We heard or saw no humans on the field, nor any vehicles. As a small amount of light had appeared to the east, the orbs began to fade. In a minute they had vanished. Neither of us could begin to explain it.

    Chomping it over the following week, I remembered that two days before the incident I had slept outside alone, watching some quite astonishing meteor showers. And the usual procession of planes across the sky. But other types of moving lights were up there. Again, they were moving oddly, erratically. Just for the hell of it, I said: “If you really are up there, show me something.”

    That’s how it was. Jono may tell it differently. Make of it what you will. Neither of us were anally probed.

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  4. You’ve reminded me of the ball games we played where I grew up (Manhattan). The best of them was kingsies, which was a bit like handball and involved bouncing a ball against the only apartment building that offered us a bit of windowless wall. It also involved getting yelled at by the neighbors who lived just above that bit of wall.

    Nope. Didn’t stop us either. But we never did see a UFO.

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      1. We’d have tried if we’d thought of it, I’m sure. And probably convinced ourselves that we had. But what with all the buildings and the streetlights, I don’t even remember seeing the moon unless i was out in the country–at least not until the blackout in the mid-sixties, when I noticed the moon and realized it was a first for me. If I’d never been out of the city, I might have thought it was a UFO.

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