Liberty, Fraternity, Equality. Hahaha

“Now is the winter of our discontent “. That Shakespeare chap.

It doesn’t really matter anymore about what influenced and contributed to the facts surrounding why the majority of the people of Great Britain voted to leave the EU. The point was that it was a democratic vote. (Ha) Leave won. (Haha) remain was kicked in their ill prepared, unprotected testicles. (Hehehe)

However, here are the factors as I see them, and remember, I’m not politically minded, but I have a voice (I think)

Leave voted leave to end the overpowering, totalitarian influence the EU has over the laws passed in this fractured United Kingdom. Let’s face it, who on gods green earth would even dream up a zero hour contract for people who want to actually earn money to live a half decent life. It’s a brilliant and callous way for the government to fiddle the unemployment figures!!

Point of fact. My eldest son is on one of those forged in the bowels of hell ‘Zero hour’ contracts. One week he may work 4 hours, leaving him destitute. The next week he may work 16 hours, the following week 10 hours! I’m pretty sure he is only one of tens of thousands who are being butt fucked by the government, but it’s a perfect and outrageously legal way of fiddling the unemployment figures! It’s an ‘I’m alright Jack’ scenario that infests this country (Nice one EU) It’s as if the government have a constant case of explosive diarrhoea, and the people on zero hour contracts are their very cheap but effective toilet paper!!

Leave voted to end the overwhelming amount of immigrants entering the U.K. which not least, has and is contributing to the NHS creaking and dying under the relentless pressure to provide a faster, better response to the growing number of people who are in dire need of vital treatment and emergency assistance. The waiting times for people in need of doctors and hospital appointments has gone through the roof.

Leavers voted leave because they see a free market and free trade as an independent way forward to boost the country economically. But even more than that, leave voters regard handing over around about 8 billion a year (Estimate) as a criminal misuse of the tax payers money! No wonder we have ex-service men living and sleeping on the streets all over the U.K., especially evident in the ‘Financial heart’ of London. Disgusting, ridiculous and shameful!!

The majority voted leave as a way of protesting against the elitist, corrupt establishment who time and time again ignore the will of the people, the very same people whose taxes keep them in their ‘I’m alright Jack’ bubble. It’s ironic that the same people who were voted into their constituencies, who were given the job of becoming the people’s voice in parliament, blatantly ignore the people’s voice! The shameless disregard of a democratic vote to leave is ironically the perfect example that democracy does not actually exist in the U.K. Unless of course, democracy directly benefits the elitist establishment.

Of course, it’s difficult to blame the elitist for wanting to remain in the European Union, after all, who wants to move away from a system that makes you richer. The mega rich footballer doesn’t play for a team who pays them less money to play for them, he plays for the highest bidder, at times at the expense of his own integrity. However, it only makes the rich more powerful, and in direct contrast, the poor without a voice and therefore, inconsequential.

The bottom line is this. The leave vote won, the people’s voice won. But the fact that the U.K. has not and probably will not leave the EU is absolute proof that democracy is dead, but then again , it never really lived in this country! Did it?

Liberty, Fraternity, equality. Load of bollocks. Bring out the guillotine!

25 thoughts on “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality. Hahaha

  1. The post echoes the sentiment in The States over the election of Donald Trump. People wanted to protect their jobs and the borders, but the globalists were and are indifferent to these issues. And so, we have one attempt after another to remove President Trump from office. They have become increasingly stage-managed affairs, til we have the Ukrainian farce playing out now. There are a lot of cemeteries filled with GIs and Tommies who fought for an end to tyranny. I guess their sacrifices meant nothing.

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    1. I don’t know much about politics in the USA David, but if it’s anything like it is over here then the American people are probably as unhappy as we are on our little island!


  2. This was like watching Mohammed Ali. Deft punch after deft punch. As we said before, if the vote to leave is not acted upon, UK ‘democratic’ mechanisms that were already spurious will become worthless. What point in anyone ever voting again, if the result can be ignored, banana republic style? It’s that simple. Forget all of the arguments, look at what happens.
    Either we leave, or the precedent is set where any future vote can be disregarded more easily.
    Several politicians from Greece’s Syrza party have quite bluntly stated that they have witnessed, at first-hand, how the EU pays no heed to the various electorates around Europe, once a member country is locked into the Brussels-run fold. The whole of Italy could vote communist, but the EU would insist that the economy be run within the present guidelines, which limit the scope of any country’s economic actions, and so lead to cost-cutting catstrophes such as zero-hour contracts.
    Cracking post John.

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    1. Thanks for that Kev👍👍 I didn’t know about the Syrza Party thing! I’m sure the rest of Europe are watching how things pan out against the EU bullyboys. Maybe their trying to make an example of the U.K. but I’m hoping that ‘If’ we Shuffle free from their chains, even more will follow our example of fighting for independence 👍 and I’m not political !! Gawd help us


  3. Very well put John. I find it very difficult to form an allegiance to any party after successive governments from both of the main parties have increased my level of cynicism by farting in the face of democracy and the electorate. The broken promises from their desperately put together election manifestos is something that’s been normalised over generations to a point where it’s become expected. How the MP’s over the past three years have tried to thwart a democratic result has turned the voters apathy into anger. It’s now down to the electorate to show courage in their convictions when they make their choices at the forthcoming election. Whichever way, the culture of arrogance amongst the establishment seems to be too ingrained for us mere mortals to challenge successfully.

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    1. Not bad enough for a revolution???? How bad should it become, before people act and throw the current politicians out? And I am asking that for all of Europe. The elected politicians have long ago stopped to do what their voters wanted. They all do what the money holders want.

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      1. People in the U.K. know what will happen. They are making it very difficult if not impossible to leave. They argue with each other in Parliament so they can never agree, which will result in the U.K. staying in the EU!

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      2. I thought that would lead to a hard Brexit? They want to leave, but cannot agree on how, which means that they will leave without agreement with the EU. That is the interpretation here. Not being able to agree does not automatically mean that you will stay. Nobody has officially said yet that Britain wants to stay, have they?

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  4. astijake John, this is Darlene from

    I want to thank you so much for liking my WordPress blog/website and the posts I put on there to explain hard stuff in an easy way to people all over the world. By the way you live in my FAVORITE COUNTRY! I have been to the UK 10 TIMES! I LOVE LONDON!!! What part are you from? I love Bath, I love Essex and I also love Bayswater!!!!

    I love your BLOG, it is very positive, insightful and very picturesque!

    Thank you once again,



    P.s. I have a YouTube channel with videos I do explaining hard computer terms and I make you laugh!!!

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