Bobbing And Weaving And Caring

So, today at work I had to be quick on my toes. One of the residents very kindly attempted to hand over (Literally) a rather large piece of freshly laid dooooo doo. I refused as politely as possible whilst steering his overflowing hand towards the downstairs toilet/shower room.

A little later in the afternoon, after taking care of that little problem, myself and another staff member heard a noise that resembled the howling of a wolf!

Upon investigation, we discovered the ‘Turd in the hand ‘ resident actually using the toilet, but he was sat pushing so hard that the veins in his neck were bulging and a howling noise was escaping from out of his throat.

I wasn’t sure what to do about his very personal predicament but he made my mind up for me by standing up and turning around to reveal a monster halfway out, halfway in!

The only thing I could think of to help the poor chap was to put triple gloves on and help him excavate as gently as I could.

He’s in bed now, fast asleep, leaving me alone to come to terms with my melting eye sockets.

I really like my job but on days like this, I wish I was doing something else.

Such is life!

14 thoughts on “Bobbing And Weaving And Caring

      1. That’s actually pretty awesome.

        The guy you wrote about needed you today. Thankfully, you were there.

        There is something to be said about the eloquence with which you described such a gross situation. Excellent writing and job well done.

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  1. Hi John, for me, following your blog is a steep learning curve. I have never heard or read what comes out of a person’s backside described as ‘a monster, half in, half out.’ Tonight when I go to bed I will allow my dog to sleep inside and I will leave all the lights and radio on. Best regards.

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