Jubilee Year

I was 11 years old in 1977, the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee year, celebrating 25 years of ruling the UK and other commonwealth countries. Unsurprisingly, I knew very little about her in 1977 (I don’t know much more 42 years later)

I’m not a royalist, I never have been, I can’t see the point of a family living the high life with the help of my taxes (Which are extortionate by the way) but in 1977, when I learnt that the country was holding nationwide parties to celebrate her jubilee, I kind of became her biggest fan! (Thinking about it, the tax payers at the time actually paid for the parties they were planning to attend!)

Anyway, the local community, subsidised by the local authority, held a party for the kids in the area, (Of which I was one) and the more ‘Needy’ kids (Of which I was one) really looked forward to it. For me personally, it was actually the first party I had ever attended, and I don’t mind admitting that I couldn’t wait to gorge myself with cakes, jellies, sweets, biscuits and play games with music in the background.

The party took place in a local hall that doubled as a Baptist church at the weekends, but was mostly unused and empty throughout the rest of the week.

I remember the girl I had the hots for came to the party, dressed up like she had been invited to Buckingham Palace. She stood out like a large penis in a sea of chipolatas, but in my eyes, she was perfect. I ensured that I was eating directly across from her so I could watch her eat, occasionally chipping in with a comment that was intended to make her notice me and laugh. It didn’t work!!

So, I got on with the partying, skipping around the room with my mates and generally making a nuisance of myself with the remains of jam and cream cake stuck to my top lip.

However, the thing I remember most about that day was when the Queen and her entourage passed the crowds of people who had gathered to wave her by. Luckily, one of my friends at the time ‘Banno’ lived on a house situated by the main road that the Queen was passing along. It was a 3 storey, with a wide bay window directly under his bedroom window. So it was a case of climbing out onto the roof of the bay window to get a birds eye view, eliminating the problem of all the adults getting in the way with their oversized heads and shoulders.

We waited and watched, listening for the sound of the crowds cheering in the distance before we stood up and started waving our flags as the Queen was driven past.

I caught a glimpse of her hat and her hand doing that strange, circular wave. Then she was gone. That was it. Party over.

If only I had tried harder with my dream girl at the party, we could have watched her together as a newly formed couple!!

As I said, I’m not a royalist, but it’s a nice memory to have.

26 thoughts on “Jubilee Year

  1. Good memories to have. I’m not a royalist either – most of them aren’t exactly role models for us, are they – but I remember that day too. I was in my early twenties, had the day off work, and spent it in the garden of a village pub we often frequented. I don’t remember much of the day apart from that!

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  2. I know the joy of such a happy memory. The Queen’s visit to then British Guiana on February 4-5, 1966, before our independence in May 1966, was a great festive time for our capital city. Our downtown area was transformed into a fairyland of lights that I remember to this day. As children, we joined the adults who lined the route along which the Queen and Prince Philip to wave the Union Jack as they drove by. You could check out a 4-minute British Pathe video clip of the visit at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9acs2xpmRo.

    For me, without the British Royal Family with all their crises and scandals, Britain would lose its allure as a nation.

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    1. Maybe you’re right, it just doesn’t gravitate with me that the tax payers keep them living the life of untold luxury when common people struggle to live a decent life because of the extortionate taxes they pay

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  3. Her Majesty’s a pretty nice gal but she changes from day to day. I wanna tell her that I love her a lot but I gotta get a belly full of wine. According to Messrs Lennon and McCartney anyway

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  4. I guess it’s common, though, the folks that live in the palaces and mansions and popes and kings and presidents all smoking cigars and swirling brandy and waling on marble while the masses toil down the hill below them. It may be the way of the world but it’s a sad cliche. BTW, was the girl you liked your age or older?

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      1. Well, if she was a little older, that probably was the problem.
        Aside from her being dressed up in full ball gown attire for what was basically a picnic, lol.

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