That’s Life

Yes, “Here we are again, same kind of moon, same kind of jungle”. Has anyone got any idea what film that quote is from? Bit of a trivia question for you. (By the way, I know)

Anyway, that particular line sums up my job at the moment. I presume the quote equates to, same shit, different day. However, my job as a caring support worker/financial advisor/personal shopper/medication supervisor etc etc has suddenly taken my working hours to an entirely different level as of today. Because of staff sickness and absenteeism, I have been put on the ‘Spot’, so to speak.

As I’ve just mentioned, several staff are ill with the flu, which means hours have to be covered simply because the guys we support need 24/7 care. Today, I was supposed to be working 3pm until 10pm. Now, I’m working 3pm until 9 in the morning!

There will be no opportunity to catch a few hours sleep because of the guys multiple learning disabilities and their combined inability to sleep!

On the plus side, if I manage to survive, I’ve managed to negotiate a ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ deal. I was due to work this Sunday but now, I have the day off.

It’s about turning negatives into positives. Roll on 9am Saturday morning. If you don’t hear from me, it means I’ve completely lost my marbles and taken residence in the asylum I work in. At least it’s convenient!

27 thoughts on “That’s Life

    1. Yea, it wasn’t forced, more like playing with a sense of duty. The guys we support can’t be left alone and I was the only member of staff who could cover it. I managed to get away at 7am so not to bad

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