The Last Pub

This was the George and Dragon that was closed down a few years ago.

It was the last pub my dad ever went to before he passed away in 1993.

It was a summer’s day in the afternoon and he asked me to take him for a drive through the Peak District. We passed this pub on the way, which was a couple of miles from entering the peak.

The old rickety bench that’s visible, being held up by the old pub building was the last seat we shared together as father and son.

I had a glass of coke and he took his time with a pint of their best bitter.

We didn’t say much, we just enjoyed the moment and the silence of it.

Never forget that moment.

37 thoughts on “The Last Pub

  1. A memory to cherish forever! From my college days back in the 70s, my friends and I spent some time at a place called St. George and the Dragon (simply called the George). As with many such landmarks, it has been transformed into something far different.

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  2. I’m from New Zealand. I have found some micro breweries that make a lovely bitter. Just like England! My great great great grandfather was a maltster from Stowmarket in Suffolk. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1856 with 12 children. He was a widower. TMI!

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