My three grandsons, Asti in the middle, Harry is on the left as you look at the photograph and Connor is to the right.

Love them so much. It was Asti’s birthday on Sunday 9th, he was 11. I didn’t get to see him but I get to spend most of this weekend with him. Lots of time to spoil him silly.

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  1. Awwwwww……..
    Very adorable.
    Asti looks like he might be a mischief-maker…but I may just be reacting to his eyebrows, lol.

    Hey, almost afraid to ask….
    were you able to finish The Revenant?

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    1. Yea, he’s a character, Harry is like me, always in trouble 😊 and yes I did. I remembered I watched it a few months ago, really enjoyed it. I love how much the producers and directors used the landscape.

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  2. These children are very lucky to have you Mr. john. My grandfather is almost 100 now living in our ancestral house but unfortunately leading a lonesome life with my grandmother in spite of having four sons of his own and two daughters. I do not remember a day when he scolded us because he actually never did. I felt like princess more with him than my own father πŸ˜…. I miss him terribly. He is going to visit us soon as my brother is getting married. I am so excited. ❀

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    1. Thank you Aditi, that’s a lovely thing to say. I never knew my grandparents because they all died before I was born. It must give you a warm feeling inside to know your grandfather is visiting soon. I hope you enjoy and treasure your time with him πŸ₯°


  3. As this post loaded, and the picture appeared, I couldn’t help but smile instantly. Those faces are just the happiest and cutest and most mischievous combination of boys I have ever seen – and they each have all three going for them! Love it! I can just see that spending time with them must be the best thing ever! ❀

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