Another Interview

I was bitterly disappointed at the beginning of the month when I didn’t do the best job at the interview. It actually took me a couple of days to bring myself around to my old self after I had failed.

I have another interview for a different kind of job on Monday morning next week. It’s at the local hospital to work as a patient services and domestic worker.

I’m unsure whether to go for the interview because it would mean having to clean toilets, bathrooms, wards and clinical areas. I don’t think I’m to good for the work, but it would mean a huge drop in responsibility in relation to what I do at the moment.

The potential hospital job pays better and the hours are better but I have a nagging feeling that it won’t satisfy me.

Not sure what to do!

45 thoughts on “Another Interview

  1. Listen to your gut feeling if you have the fortitude and ability to do that job. Employers want to hire those who will stay long-term. if you have your doubts,it will affect your overall performance. Also,most important,do you like that job? I so, it will make the work much easier for you.

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      1. You are welcome,John. Good luck. You have nothing to lose by going. Your gut will tell you during the interview process if this is going to be a good fit for you as well as how the interviewer sees you. Go there showing confidence as well as interest in the job.

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  2. You are not really under pressure to find a new job, are you? I mean, you have a job, one where they seem to appreciate you (I know it is a tough job though). It won’t hurt to take the interview, would it? You might get to know more things about the job, and then you can still say no, if it is not what you are looking for.

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  3. You’ve got nothing to lose by going to the interview. People often forget that it’s not just them interviewing you, you should be interviewing them right back, seeing if the job is a good fit for you and if the environment is one you’ll enjoy. At least get all the facts before you decide against it. But if it’s not your thing, nothing wrong with that.

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  4. job interviews are rough. but I hope to be able to get at least ONE interview in the coming weeks.

    cleaning toilets is rough. I used to work as a cleaner myself in the past.

    cheers, friend

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  5. I was a high school janitor once. It wasn’t the best job but had great hours. I treated each shift like a workout, moving fast and challenging myself daily. I lost weight and had a great time really. The no responsibility part was pretty cool too.

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  6. I’m with most of the guys here John. I’d say: go along and see how it feels. It’s not easy when you’re dissatisfied with a job. There’s always that ‘better the devil you know’ voice nagging at the back of your mind. Good luck, however you decide.

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  7. I believe it is better to allow you some time to think and process exactly what type of job works best for you.
    I used to be worried before finding a good job, wondering where I will arrive and how will it change my life.
    Sometimes the best thing that we do is to ask God as he knows the best and we will arrive where we are destined to arrive.
    Tend to not worry to much and have faith.
    Take care! ^^

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  8. Job searching myself, so sympathies. It’s tough to keep the ego and spirits up, especially juggling multiple priorities. I agree with others – we feel the recruiter holds all the cards, but it has to be right for you, too.

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  9. Well, it’s Monday. I hope everything went okay.

    If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t had a real interview for over 20 years. Been in the same job the whole time. I doubt I could say anything every reasonably lucid if I had to go to a real interview right now–today!

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