Interview Done !

I went for the interview at 11.30 this morning. It went well, but after it was over I could tell that It wasn’t for me. I rely on my instincts more and more as I get older, and instinct told me I would probably become very bored, very quickly. The lady who interviewed me explained that they would let me know their decision in a few days but she said she was more than happy with how it went.

I thanked them both and walked out of the hospital, feeling satisfied but empty, if you get my meaning!?

Strangely enough I decided before the interview had finished that it wasn’t for me, so when they ring me up to give their decision I will say thank you but no thank you!!

As if fate had leant a hand, I was informed an hour later that a position had become available in a different job, not connected to the hospital.

I’m going to ring them tomorrow and make enquiries.

48 thoughts on “Interview Done !

  1. I’ve also found that in getting older, my gut tends to be the way to go! I’m glad the interview was a success in the sense that you can build some self esteem from that, but also that you went and it gave you guidance towards what you don’t want.
    Here’s hoping that the other opportunity will be what you need it to be! Thinking of you.

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    1. Thanks dear 😊 yes, I definitely trust my instinct. In the past I’ve taken work that I knew instinctively were not right for me but I took them for financial reasons, as most people do. I won’t do that anymore. I want to be happy when I work.

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  2. Always a wise decision to listen to you gut feelings. I always teach my kids that if they are having a hard time with something, that just means God is trying to tell them that path is not the path for them. Your place is waiting out there right now for you. Hope you find that perfect fit soon and you have many happy and fulfilling days at your new job where ever it may be.

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