Update on my previous post about Egyptians, the pineal gland and bones!

Some of you may or may not remember a previous post about how I decided to but some vitamins K1 and K2 to try and help the wife with her joint problems. It was also supposed to help wake up the pineal gland, which according to Egyptian legend, opened up their third eye!

I can now report that the vitamins are having a remarkable effect, despite the fact that she hasn’t actually taken any!

She now seems to know about absolutely everything in the universe and appears to know what I’m thinking before I actually think about it!

In fact, she let’s me know when to think and what to think about!

K1 and K2, remarkable vitamins!

34 thoughts on “Update on my previous post about Egyptians, the pineal gland and bones!

  1. Pineal gland is described briefly in Hinduism as well…third eye of Lord Shiva who is constantly meditating to inhance pineal gland.. It is believed pineal gland heals old cells n enhance new ones.. Therefore you age slowly and look younger.. Live longer as well

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  2. A lovely post ! Glad, that it worked with your wife πŸ˜ƒ. Yes, I too have written a post on pineal gland , sometime back. It really can make you intuitive when activated. It’s a wonder gland.

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  3. As per research, pineal gland does secretes DMT (dimethyltriptamine), when activated. DMT naturally is released in the brain during meditation, visualization, dreaming and more. Therefore, it can make you intuitive and insightful.
    Personally, I haven’t tried it.

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