An Opportunity To Start Again

Probably the most important thing that I’ve personally come to realise after the outbreak of the virus is that we all have the unique opportunity to start over, and make life better. This bloody coronavirus has of course, already taken to many lifes, and it hasn’t finished yet!However, the irony is this. As a direct result of this plague, many parts of this beautiful planet that we live on is enjoying a much needed rest from humanity. Aeroplanes are grounded, people are staying indoors (Reluctantly) factories have closed and the natural world breathes again. It appears that (According to NASA) air pollution over areas of China and Europe have improved over a few short weeks. A reduction in nitrogen dioxide, most probably because of a reduction in the use of cars, power plants and other industrial facilities, has had a positive effect on the world environment. Wouldn’t it be great if, after the world eventually beats this virus, that every year, every country shuts down all factories, power plants and other materialistic facilities for a month, to give the world a rest, as well as the population a rest.The world and the people who live on it need regular periods of rest.We could just forget materialistic gain and the economic persuit of ‘Happiness’ and just enjoy being alive with the ones we love.Like the title I chose for this short post.We have the opportunity to start again, let’s hope the governments of the world wake up and see the opportunity they have to make the world a better place.